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Best 10 NEET Preparation Apps

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Best 10 NEET Preparation Apps

Jenny Arledge once said that technology can become the wings of the educational system and allow it to fly faster and farther. And that phase of learning has begun. Technology has taken over education and revamped the face of it. The students of today’s generation are not confined by barriers to simple learning. Digitization has given way to various advanced techniques like learning apps. These learning apps range from personality enhancement apps to IIT and NEET preparation apps. These preparation apps have changed the way we looked at books.

Now the students don’t really need to scroll through libraries and book stores in search of printed material and manuscripts. They can access all of them on their mobile screens and laptops. From 100-year-old gazettes to 800-year-old documents, everything can be accessed with a single click. And not just that, students can also avail study books for formal education related to a specific course or exam.

Here, we will be discussing the NEET aspirants and the benefit they draw from the NEET preparation apps.

NEET 2019 - An Overview


How NEET preparation apps aid exam preparation?

There was a time when certain places held the tag of being the education hubs of the country offering exceptional learning facilities. NEET aspirants from smaller towns and cities had to travel to these hotspots for the pursuit of exam preparation. However, the steady onset of NEET preparation apps has eased their lives.

These NEET preparation apps act as a bridge between the learners and educators and provide the experience of classroom teaching on the digital platform. The major advantage of these NEET preparation apps is that a student can acquire knowledge anywhere and anytime just by slipping his finger on his smartphone or laptop.

Top 10 NEET preparation apps ruling the roost

Listed below are some of the most prominent NEET preparation apps catering to the educational needs and requirements of the NEET aspirants –


Gradeup App for NEET Preparation

GradeUp is one of the most popular NEET preparation apps amongst the medical aspirants. It is a free solution to every doubt and problem that a NEET aspirant comes across. The NEET preparation app offers insights into the pattern and syllabus of the exam along with bilingual online mock tests. These tests are followed by detailed solutions and powerful performance analysis. It also provides daily notes and quizzes in both English and Hindi languages.

Through its NEET preparation app, GradeUp has helped hundreds of registered students to prepare actively for the exam and score better. On downloading the app, the students become a part of a highly-engaging community which collectively solves each other’s doubts and competes with each other through mocks and quizzes. This gives the NEET aspirants an extra edge in their preparation. The NEET preparation app also keeps the students updated with all the exam-related details and notifications throughout the course of preparation.


Unacademy App for NEET Preparation

Unacademy is a one-stop shop for all the NEET aspirants. The powerful courses available on this NEET preparation app provide the students with the right preparation strategy to crack any pre-medical entrance, be it NEET, AIIMS, or something else. The online lessons and specialized courses available at this app have benefitted even those who stay in the remotest corners of the country. Through its app, Unacademy brings a robust league of educators from all across the country to a single digital platform.

It holds some of the best educational content that a NEET aspirant could find online. It stands as one of India’s leading educational channels on YouTube as well. its course content and video lectures are available in both English and Hindi. This NEET preparation app ensures that the students get access to everything at a single click and don’t have to run anywhere for NEET preparation.


EduRev NEET App for NEET Preparation

EduRev NEET preparation app is an online learning platform dedicated to the preparation of NEET and other medical entrance exams like AIIMS, AIMPMT, JIPMER, etc. The portal is one of the best in the field and offers practically everything that a medical aspirant needs. This NEET preparation app offers comprehensive study material for Physics, Chemistry, Biology along with video lectures, important notes, MCQs and online test series.

Besides, there are NEET sample papers, model test papers, as well as NEET previous years’ papers. The NEET preparation app also provides access to some NEET books and NCERT books to ensure comprehensive coverage of the exam syllabus. The entire course content is curated on the lines of the latest NCERT pattern and in consideration with the CBSE syllabus. Once you download this app, you won’t need to rely on any other source for your NEET preparation.


AskIITians App for NEET Preparation

Askiitians is a NEET preparation app where a student can find everything about competitive exams, right from the syllabus to important topics, and from question banks to preparation tips. Every medical aspirant preparing for NEET can find study notes, exam notifications, exam news, and mock tests on a single platform i.e. the Askiitians app. Here, students learn the visualization technique of solving questions. This helps them retain heavy concepts and terminologies, especially in Biology.

The NEET preparation app also provides short online video lectures for all the important topics. Solutions to every problem and query are provided in the most simple and straight-forward manner. The experts of Askiitians offer alternative solutions to a problem as well. Besides, there are daily practice papers for NEET preparation as well as mocks and online test sires. So, click your mouse button, download the app and start with your NEET preparation.

Aakash iTutor

Aakash iTutor App for NEET Preparation

Aakash iTutor is a NEET preparation app which brings traditional high-quality training and guidance of Aakash Institute to the screen of laptops and smartphones. As Aakash Institute is synonymous with success in exams like NEET, so is the app launched by it. In the world of cutthroat competition, where the digital platform with abuzz with learning and preparation apps, Aakash iTutor holds the trust of the NEET aspirants. The NEET preparation app offers the same experience as the brick and mortar classes at Aakash Institute.  From video lectures to eBooks, and from mock tests to doubt resolution, the portal offers all.

TheNEET preparation app can also be used offline and study material downloaded to your device. Besides, it also features like Ask an expert to get the queries of the NEET aspirants resolved and make the sessions engaging and interactive. The application is tailor-made for the curious minds who wish to learn, ask and grow.


NEET Prep App for NEET Preparation

NEET Prep is not just a learning app but a mentor that guides medical aspirants for exams like NEET. The app offers a chapter-wise detailed study plan for each of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. Its question bank includes MCQ practice questions, NCERT questions, previous years’ question, with a specific section of important questions. Every practice set is followed by detailed solutions and explanations. NEET Prep is one of the very few exam preparation apps which provides bilingual video lectures (both in English and Hindi).

Other remarkable features of this online learning platform are toppers’ notes, revision notes, chapter-wise quiz, and NCERT books in pdf format. Besides, NEET Prep app also hosts a multitude of mock tests and online and offline test series for regular assessment of performance. These mocks and test series also cover exams like AIIMS, JIPMER, and AFMC. So, don’t wait. Just tap your screen and download the app.

NEET Preparation 2019 Offline

NEET Preparation App for NEET Preparation

This NEET preparation app serves as a helpful tool for the medical aspirants in their exam preparation. The application provides all the previous years’ questions, practice papers, mocks tests, timed practice questions, etc. It comes as a rescuer for those who lack internet connectivity. the students can download the study material beforehand and avail the services of the NEET app even without a working internet connection.

The tests provided by the NEET Preparation app helps the students in analyzing their current standing and improving their performance. Here, they learn to practice with perfection and better time management. Moreover, personalized performance analysis helps in harnessing their strong and weak areas.


Embibe App for NEET Preparation

Embibe is perhaps the only thing that a student requires to score his best in NEET. It is an excellent resource of NEET study material, video lectures, and practice questions. This NEET preparation app not just provides comprehensive quality content for medical entrances like NEET but also enables the students to track exact areas of improvement. It helps them to eradicate careless mistakes, mend conceptual errors and practice time management.

Embibe covers thousands of NEET concepts and tests them through mocks. It offers unlimited practice questions available unit-wise, chapter-wise, and according to the difficulty level. Besides, there are chapter notes for revision, hints, tips and video solutions for questions, test on test performance analysis, and daily doubt removal sessions. Embibe also offers a premium program known as RankUp. The program guarantees about 60% improvement in test scores in ten days.


Youtube App for NEET Preparation

Though YouTube is not a dedicated learning platform, yet it is one of the most popular NEET preparation apps among medical aspirants. It provides videos about the latest NEET syllabus, exam pattern, important topics and chapters, and what not. It offers video modules designed by some of the best teachers across the country and specialized NEET coaching classes.

Here, you can also find expert suggestions from those who have qualified NEET and also from those who failed to ace it. These videos prove quite useful for the NEET aspirants and are of high-quality. And the best part, these videos are not just confined to a particular teacher. The students can look out for different educators on this NEET preparation app and choose the one which suits them the most.  And what do you need to do for that? Just click on the install button and download the app.


NEET Guru App for NEET Preparation

NEET Guru is not just a NEET preparation app, it’s a learning partner of the NEET aspirants. It is perhaps the only app that is made as well as maintained by doctors. It is based on their first-hand experience of taking medical entrances like NEET and AIPMT. The App provides focused content and study material for each of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It also provides a testing platform to the NEET aspirants in the form of exercises and mocks. These tests ladder from basic level to advanced level and also include previous years’ questions.

Besides, there are subject-wise unit tests as well as full-length mocks to boost exam preparation. Every test is followed by detailed solutions and an in-depth analysis of the students’ performance. The NEET aspirants can use this app to ensure success in the exam.

The Eligibility Criteria of NEET 2019

 Medical entrances like NEET are quite tough to crack merely by self-preparation. These NEET preparation apps go a long way in helping and guiding the students. Hope this list proves of some help to you. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about NEET preparation apps

1. Are these NEET preparation apps feasible for providing satisfying answers to the queries of students?

Ans: These NEET preparation apps are maintained by experts who are available round the clock in solving their doubts and as and when they arise. These apps provide appropriate answers to their questions.

2. In what way do these NEET preparation apps incur a better understanding in comparison to books?

Ans: Visual learning imparts better understanding and you can access these NEET preparation apps on the go hence these apps come handy for studies.

3. Should these NEET preparation apps be relied upon?

Ans: Well, these NEET preparation apps can be relied upon only if the student can maintain regularity in studies.

4. How do these NEET preparation apps keep us ahead in our preparation?

Ans: These NEET preparation apps are developed to facilitate easy and effective learning. As they are developed after thorough research, they are quite reliable and make your practice well.

5. How do these NEET preparation apps help students?

Ans:  These NEET preparation apps help students learn the study material easily and retain it for a long time. These apps provide all the relevant knowledge in an apt manner so that students find it easier to study.

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Like the above 10 application, Predical is a Personalized E-Learning Application, specifically designed for students of higher Secondary Division, i.e. Class 11th & 12th, for easy access to all the study materials like keynotes, E-books, highlights, video classes, question bank and expected questions required for medical preparation.

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Darwin by Mcqdb is not mentioned here. It is a great app.

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