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Best Three Jobs of 2016 as Per Pay Raise

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digital marketing jobs

Even as the global economy is slowly and steadily coming back on track, there are a lot more number of jobs for the taking. However, when it comes to getting salary hikes, not all jobs are equal. Therefore, if you are looking for opportunities where the best money lies, this post will reveal it all.

While the world is still recovering out of one of the worst recession of recent times, it’s the jobseekers that have a reason to rejoice the most as the job market which had almost dried off is now experiencing a steady rise in the number of open vacancies. However, do more jobs make it all good and shining? There are multiple reports from around the world, especially in the US that suggest that 2016 will not be brightest in terms of salary hikes. According to the Society of Human Resource of Management, USA, the U.S. employees can expect salary increase of up to 3.1% in 2016. That’s not much, yet, not all is dull and gloomy as there are many jobs that still offer a good pay hike provided you perform well.  Here are some jobs that will offer the best hikes in 2016:

Business System Analysts

Like business analysts, BSAs are also focused on understanding the various needs of businesses. However, they are specifically concerned about fulfilling the information technology requirements of the organization. Due to the nature of their work, BSAs are mostly found working inside the IT departments of their companies.   Their work involves getting familiar with the holistic business needs, and accordingly defining requirements through different approaches. Although a business systems analyst isn’t a programmer, he might have a programming background. Although, they aren’t a software tester, yet they might test software when required to do so. Similarly, while they aren’t a database administrator they know how to query and model data.

Implementing their knowledge of organization’s technology infrastructure and particular software applications they assist businesses to address changes through technology. The median annual salary of a BSA was $81,000 in 2015 as per Glassdoor. According to the latest Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance, BSAs are in high demand. They will experience a pay hike of 5.1 percent to 5.2 percent in 2016.


Digital Marketing Officer

With businesses transforming their operations to suit digital platforms, digital marketing managers are in high demand. Digital Marketing Officers or Digital Marketing Managers are essentially an evolution of erstwhile marketers. It’s due to the rise of digital and an increasing demand for data-driven marketing, that hiring managers are now checking marketers on the basis of skills—quantitative and creative- that one needs to succeed as a digital marketer.

Most jobs that are advertised for hiring in these positions require a wide range of skills, t from SEO, to SEM, Content Marketing, User Experience, Google Analytics and Social Media.  Owing to this, there is a shortage of talents which is why hiring managers are willing to pay more for hiring digital marketing manager. The mean annual salary is anywhere between $100,000 and $125,000 for the experienced professionals.


Data Scientist/Data Analyst

[sociallocker]Already termed as the sexiest job of the 21st century, Data Scientist is a Best paying role, only because there are so few of them available for taking and so many positions to fill in. Most organizations today are trying to make data driven decisions and that is only possible if they have someone who can interpret and make sense of the huge data sets being collected every day. The combination of skills required to become a data scientist is actually not an easy one to achieve. From excellence at math and statistical science to extraordinary programming skills, learning data science is really hard, which is why there are only a handful of data scientists out there. The average salary that these hard to find professionals earned in 2013 was $123,000 according to Indeed. Come 2016, the salaries have experienced a serious bump and now the salaries stand at $135,000 for the same level of experience as per O’reilly 2015 Data Science Salary Survey.

Some other roles where annual appraisals could lead to a good hike in salary include that of software engineer and network engineer, both the roles requiring an excellent computer and math background. Thus, it is not hard to fathom that with a degree in computer science and with good analytical skills, you will end up in the Best earning professionals of this era.[/sociallocker]

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