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Best Tips to Come up with Writing an Intriguing Introduction of the Research Paper

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Introduction is the expression of beginning to introduce something. It’s the initial part that readers are always interested to read and grasp information from. It contains all information about what the research paper contains. Introduction of the research paper should be written in a systematic way. Describing the points step by step makes it easy for the readers to understand what the introduction involves.

You need to accumulate plenty of information to write introduction and prepare your research proposal for this read plenty of free research paper examples. But some researchers prefer to finish their research activity first then they land on writing the introduction.

Context is important to understand the story of the picture. It means the introduction is the heartbeat of the research paper. So, it is essential to put all your efforts and allocate enough time in capturing the right picture that depicts the right details you need to convey.

Your rationale is what you set while writing the introduction which means what the research purpose is. Right after going through your introduction your readers can tell what the research is about and they know what they are reading.

  • Skills you should be equipped with to write an organized research paper introduction:

Deep knowledge and review of the particular field is the prerequisite for writing research paper. It includes the existing findings of the leading scientists. Discussion of the topic is not enough to justify your research paper there is a need to conduct a research on the particular subject area with the help of proper scientific method. Also, you need to review the methods and list the results that you achieve after conducting the research.

A secret ingredient to make your research delightful and fruitful are the abilities that you must possess when you write a research paper such as:

  • Writing
  • Analysis
  • Formatting
  • Research
  • Knowledge of the academic subject
  • Communication
  • English Proficiency
  • Evaluation of the scientific methods.


  • What things should be included in the research paper?

Outline is an important element that you need before you plan to write anything. So, it is the requirement of writing the introduction of a research paper. Follow these steps when you start writing:

  • Announce your topic
  • Set up a proper background and context
  • State your reader about the research you plan to carry out
  • Express your rationale
  • Describe the importance of your research
  • State your hypothesis

Here are few tips to follow while writing research paper:

1. Make your focus revolve around the topic in the beginning:

Massive research on the topic is important as the topic represents what your overall research is about. Focus on the particular issue on which you would want to carry out your research. Choosing a research topic is challenging. You should discover something new and interesting that you will be able to write on and enjoy the process. Don’t create a broad topic you must narrow down your topic to a certain idea, aspect or concept you make it more manageable and specific. For example: If your topic is “ Cybercrime” you should narrow it to “Causes of cybercrimes”, Impact of cybercrimes on society” or something similar to that.

2. State your aim and create a brief outline:

Creating an outline means you develop a framework of the whole story that you are going to research about and write down. So scaffolding is important as it gives you a sketch before you draw a perfect picture. Always state the importance of your research what you want to achieve and why your reader should be curious in finding out whether you achieve it or not. The basic structure can be as simple as “We want to walk on the road, which is important as it will lead us to our destination”.

3. Avoid excessive citations:

Once you are done with narrowing down your topic. You should stick to the most relevant literature concerning your area of study. Make sure that review of your literature is complete but not very long or crowded with citations.

4. Be clear while stating your research question and hypothesis:

For framing your research in empirical sciences, stating a hypothesis can be effective . For example “ In this study, we hypothesize that A is related to B and we use method X to test this hypothesis. In formal sciences where you need exploratory research, you could consider stating a research question e.g. is A related to B? Research question is not always supposed to be written as an interrogative statement you can also write it in declarative sentence. Both hypothesis and research question are important as they shape the paper and give it a right direction.

5. Give a proper overview of the paper:

Your overview of the paper must be organized. In the last paragraph of your introduction give a step by step overview of your paper e.g in section II, we explain our analysis, methods and datasets. In section III we show the results. In section IV we discuss and compare findings and results. In section V we suggest possible topics for prospective research and give conclusion.

6.Try to be brief:

A very long introduction will make the readers lose their interest. A good introduction word count falls near 500-1000 words, Although going through previous studies and journals would help and provide clear guidelines.

7. Show without telling it:

The basic goal of an introduction is to explain why your research is worthy. Never be too straightforward in telling the importance of the topic like “ Subject A is important”

Instead stating it in a way that would look suitable is: The development of new technology and infrastructure is important for the industries as it will increase the production and build high profits for the economy.

8. Don’t crowd the introduction with details:

Avoid stating too many details and results because results need development later on in other sections to be properly comprehensible. Encourage giving the main details of your results in the introduction.


Introduction is the map that leads you to the right destination. So, be clear in stating the study’s background, hypothesis, aims, research question. The introduction is your guide with the help of which you write rest of your paper. The very first step in writing a research paper is to write the introduction and an effective introduction always captures the attention of the readers.

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