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Best Tricks to Learn Antonyms & Synonyms for SSC CGL 2019

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Vocabulary is an important section of SSC CGL preparation. Questions related to vocabulary are being asked in Tier 1 as well as Tier 2. Hence, you cannot do without getting a hold on vocabulary.

But you need not worry about if you’re falling short of your aim of building sufficient vocabulary for the upcoming SSC CGL exam. You just need is to keep your nerves and apply effective methods for good outcomes.

Tips for quick Vocabulary Memorization

There are many ways to expand your vocabulary for any exam. But all you have to do is figure out which method suits your learning. Here are 3 magical ways:

  1. Record all the vocabulary and listen to it again and again. This will not allow you to improve your pronunciation (whether it is wrong or right), but will also help you to memore it without repeating it like a parrot.
  2. Try memorizing by way of association. Recall your friend who is a miser (Kanjoos in Hindi or Urdu). Now you can apply his name to the word parsimonious, which means very ‘unwilling to spend money or use his or her resources.’ Now add two synonyms to his name like ‘close-fisted, penny-pinching, cheese-paring.’’
  3. Write the words again and again.

Use Bilingual Dictionary

Buy a good bilingual dictionary. Don’t forget to do some research before buying a quality dictionary. Use it to boost your vocabulary.

Below is a very important list of Synonym and Antonym with its meaning in Hindi. It will help the aspirant to get themselves acquainted with an extremely useful word-list.

List of all Important Synonym and Antonym

Abate रोक-थाम करना moderate, decrease aggravate, supplement
Abject अधम despicable, servile commendable, praiseworthy
Abjure त्यागना forsake, renounce approve, sanction
Abortive निष्फल vain, unproductive effectual productive
Absolve दोषमुक्त करना pardon, forgive compel, accuse
Accord सहमति agreement, harmony disagreement, discord
Acrimony रूखापन harshness, bitterness courtesy, benevolence
Adamant अटल stubborn, inflexible flexible, soft
Adherent पक्षपाती follower, disciple rival, adversary
Adjunct सहायक joined, added separated, subtracted
Admonish धिक्कारना counsel, reprove approve, applaud
Adversity विपत्ति misfortune, calamity prosperity, fortune
Alien विदेशी foreigner, outsider native, resident
Allay निराकरणकरना pacify, soothe aggravate, excite
Alleviate कम करना abate, relieve aggravate, enhance
Allure फुसलाना entice, fascinate repulse, repel
Amplify बढ़ाना enlarge, extend lessen, contract
Antipathy घृणा hostility, aversion admiration, fascination
Apathy उदासीनता unconcern, indifference concern, care
Arraign कलंक लगाना charge, blame exculpate, pardon
Audacity धृष्टता boldness, arrogance mildness, cowardice
Authentic विश्वसनीय genuine, reliable fictitious, unreal
Awkward अजीब clumsy, rough clever, apt
Axiom स्वयंसिद्ध maxim, truth absurdity, blunder
Baffle चकरा देना frustrate, perplex compose, facilitate
Barbarous बर्बर uncivilized, savage cultured, humane
Benevolence कृपा humanity, generosity malevolence, inhumanity
Bewitching मोहित करनेवाला magical, fascinating repulsive, repugnant
Bleak बेरंग dismal, gloomy bright pleasant
Brittle नाज़ुक delicate, fragile tough, enduring
Bustle हलचल haste, flurry slowness, quiet
Calamity आपदा adversity, misfortune happiness, fortune
Callous कठोर obdurate, unfeeling compassionate, tender
Calumny चुगली defamation, aspersion commendation, praise
Capable सक्षम competent, able incompetent, inept
Captivate बंदी बनाना charm, fascinate disillusion, offend
Captivity क़ैद imprisonment, confinement freedom, liberty
Cavity गुहा depth, depression elevation, projection
Cease संघर्ष terminate, desist begin, originate
Chaste पवित्र virtuous, pure sullied, lustful
Chastise दंड देना punish, admonish cheer, encourage
Compassion दया kindness, sympathy cruelty, barbarity
Comprise समावेश करना include, contain reject, lack
Concede स्वीकार करना yield, permit deny, reject
Concur मिलना-जुलना approve, agree differ, disagree
Consent सहमति agree, permit object, disagree
Consequence परिणाम effect, outcome origin, start
Consolidate समेकित solidify, strengthen separate, weaken
Conspicuous विशिष्ट prominent, obvious concealed, hidden
Contempt अपमान scorn, disregard regard, praise
Contradict खंडन deny, oppose approve, confirm
Contrary विरोध dissimilar, conflicting similar, alike
Dainty शिष्ट elegant, delicate clumsy, coarse
Decay क्षय collapse, decompose flourish, progress
Deceit छल deception, artifice veracity, sincerity
Decipher गूढ़लिपि पढ़ना interpret, reveal misinterpret, distort
Dedicate समर्पित devote, consecrate refuse, negate
Defer विलंब करना prolong, suspend accelerate, expedite
Defile अशुद्ध contaminate, pollute purify, sanctity
Defray चुकाना spend, pay disclaim, repudiate
Deliberate जानबूझकर cautious, intentional rash, sudden
Delicious स्वादिष्ट palatable, tasteful distasteful, unsavoury
Demolish ध्वस्त ruin, devastate repair, construct
Deprive वंचित despoil, divest restore, renew
Deride उपहास करना mock, taunt inspire, encourage
Despicable नीच worthless, shameless worthy, decent
Disdain तिरस्कार detest, despise approve, praise
Eccentric विलक्षण strange, abnormal natural, conventional
Ecstasy परमानंद delight, exultation despair, calamity, depression
Efface मिटाना destroy, obliterate retain, maintain
Elevate ऊपर उठाना dignify, heighten deprecate, denounce
Eliminate हटा दें expel, oust restore, accept
Eloquence वाग्मिता expression, fluency halting, stammering
Encumbrance भार hindrance, obstacle incentive, stimulant
Endeavour एंडेवर undertake, aspire cease, quit
Enormous विशाल colossal, mammoth diminutive, negligible
Epitome प्रतीक precise, example increment, expansion
Equivocal गोलमोल uncertain, hazy obvious, lucid
Eradicate उन्मूलन destroy, exterminate secure, plant
Esteem आदर respect, regard ridicule, spurn
Eternal सनातन perpetual, endless temporary, momentary
Evade बचना avoid, elude acknowledge, confront
Evident स्पष्ट obvious, apparent obscure, concealed
Fabricate गढ़ना construct, produce destroy, dismantle
Fallacy हेत्वाभास delusion, mistake veracity, truth
Falter लड़खड़ाना stumble, demur persist, endure
Fanatical कट्टर narrow-minded, biased liberal, tolerant
Fantastic बढ़िया fanciful, uncommon ordinary, normal
Feeble निर्बल weak, frail strong, robust
Ferocious क्रूर cruel, fierce gentle, sympathetic
Feud अदावत strife, quarrel fraternity, harmony
Fleeting क्षणभंगुर transient, temporary enduring, eternal
Flimsy झीना trifling, transparent firm, tenacious
Fluctuate उतार चढ़ाव deflect, vacillate stabilise, resolve
Forsake त्यागना desert, renounce hold maintain
Fragile नाज़ुक weak, infirm enduring, tough
Frantic उन्मत्त violent, agitated subdued, gentle
Frivolous तुच्छ petty, worthless solemn, significant
Frugality स्वल्प व्ययिता economy, providence lavishness, extravagance


Gloom उदासी obscurity, darkness delight, mirth
Glut भरमार stuff, satiate starve, abstain
Gorgeous भव्य magnificent,
dull, unpretentious
Gracious विनीत courteous,
rude, unforgiving
Grisly भयानक disgusting,
pleasing, attractive
Grudge असन्तोष hatred, aversion benevolence, affection
Guile छल cunning, deceit honesty, frankness
Hamper बाधा retard, prevent promote, facilitate
Haphazard बेतरतीब random, unsorted considered, arranged
Hapless अभागी unfortunate,
fortunate, lucky
Harass परेशान irritate, molest assist, comfort
Haughty अभिमानी arrogant, pompous humble, submissive
Hazard जोखिम Peril, danger conviction, security
Heretic विधर्मी non-conformist,
conformable, religious
Hideous भयंकर frightful,
attractive, alluring
Hypocrisy पाखंड deception,
sincerity, honesty
Immaculate शुद्ध unsullied,
defiled, tarnished
Immense अत्यधिक huge, enormous puny, insignificant
Immerse डुबाना submerge, involve emerge, uncover
Imminent आसन्न impending, brewing distant, receding
Immunity प्रतिरक्षा prerogative,
blame, censure
Impair ख़राब करना diminish,
restore, revive
Impartial निष्पक्ष just, unbiased prejudiced, biased
Impediment बाधा hurdle,
assistance, concurrence
Impious बेईमान irreligious,
pious, devout
Impute मढ़ना attribute, ascribe exculpate, support
Inclination झुकाव disposition,
disinclination, indifference
Incompetent अक्षम inefficient,
dexterous, skilled
Incongruous बेमेल inappropriate,
compatible, harmonious
Inevitable अपरिहार्य unavoidable,
unlikely, doubtful
Infringe उल्लंघन violate, encroach comply, concur
Ingenuous निष्कपट undisguised, naive wily, crafty
Insinuate इशारा करना allude, hint conceal, camouflage
Insipid फीका tasteless, vapid delicious, luscious
Insolvent दिवालिया indigent,
wealthy, solvent
Instil टपकाना inculcate, inject eradicate, extract
Intricate जटिल tangled,
regulated, orderly
Intrigue साज़िश scheme, conspiracy candour, sincerity
Intrinsic स्वाभाविक genuine,
extraneous, incidental
Invective फटकार accusation,
approval, acclamation
Invincible अजेय unconquerable,
effeminate, languid
Irrepressible सदा एकसां irresistible,
composed, hesitant
Jaded क्लांत tired, exhausted renewed, recreated
Jejune बेसूद dull, boring interesting, exciting
Jovial उल्लासपूर्ण frolicsome,
solemn, morose
Jubilant उल्लसित rejoicing,
melancholy, depressing
Judicious उचित thoughtful,
irrational, foolish
Just केवल honest, impartial unequal, unfair
Justify दोनों ओर मिलान defend, exculpate impute, arraign
Juvenile किशोर young, tender dotage, antiquated
Keen इच्छुक sharp, poignant vapid, insipid
Kindred आत्मीय relation, species unrelated, dissimilar
Knave धूर्त dishonest,
paragon, innocent
Knell समाधिवाली झंकार death knell, last
reconstruction, rediscovery
Knotty विकट complicated
simple, manageable
Lavish भव्य abundant,
scarce, deficient
Lax ढीला slack, careless firm, reliable
Lenient उदार compassionate,
cruel, severe
Liable उत्तरदायी accountable, bound unaccountable, apt to
Liberal उदार magnanimous,
stingy, malicious
Linger ठहराना loiter, prolong hasten, quicken
Listless उदासीन indifferent,
brisk, attentive
Lucid चमकदार sound, rational obscure, hidden
Lunacy पागलपन delusion, insanity normalcy, sanity
Lure चारा attract, entice repel, dissuade
Luscious सुस्वाद palatable,
unsavoury, tart
Luxuriant विलासी profuse, abundant scanty, meagre
Minute मिनट diminutive,
large, colossal
Miraculous चमत्कारपूर्ण marvellous,
ordinary, trivial
Mitigate कम करना alleviate, relieve augment, enhance
Modest मामूली humble, courteous arrogant, pompous
Molest छेड़ना harass, tease console, soothe
Mollify शमन करना appease, assuage irritate, infuriate
Momentous सब से अहम notable, eventful trivial, insignificant
Monotonous नीरस irksome, tedious varied, pleasant
Munificent उदार liberal,
frugal, penurious
Murky बदली का dusky, dreary bright shining
Mutinous बाग़ी recalcitrant,
submissive, faithful
Mutual आपसी joint, identical separate, distinct
Negligent लापरवाह inattentive,
vigilant, careful
Niggardly कंजूसी से miser, covetous generous, profuse
Nimble तेज़ prompt, brisk sluggish, languid
Nonchalant बेपरवाह indifferent,
attentive, considerate
Novice नौसिखिए tyro, beginner veteran, ingenious
Noxious हानिकारक baneful, injurious healing, profitable
Nullify उठा देना cancel, annual confirm, uphold
Numerous बहुत profuse, various scarce, deficient
Obstruct रोकना impede, prevent hasten, encourage
Obvious ज़ाहिर evident, apparent obscure, ambiguous
Occult मनोगत latent, ambiguous intelligible, transparent
Odious घिनौना malevolent,
engaging, fascinating
Offensive आक्रमण abhorrent,
docile, compliant
Offspring संतति descendant,
ancestor, forefather
Opaque अपारदर्शी obscure, shady transparent, bright
Oracular पेशीनगोई का cryptic, vague lucid, distinct
Ordain हुक्म देना order, impose revoke, abolish
Ornamental सजावटी decorative,
unseemly, plain
Outbreak प्रकोप eruption,
compliance, subjection
Outrage उल्लंघन offence,
praise, favour
Overwhelm डूब triumph, subjugate flounder, falter


Pamper संतुष्ट करना flatter, indulge deny, disparage
Paramount आला दर्जे का foremost, eminent trivial, inferior
Peerless अद्वितीय matchless,
mediocre, commonplace
Peevish चिड़चिड़ा perverse, sullen suave, amiable
Pertness Pertness flippancy,
modesty, diffidence
Perverse विकृत petulant,
complacent, docile
Placid शांत tranquil, calm turbulent, hostile
Pompous गर्वित haughty, arrogant unpretentious, humble
Precarious अनिश्चित doubtful, insecure assured, undeniable
Predicament स्थिति plight, dilemma resolution, confidence
Premature असामयिक precocious,
belated, opportune
Prodigious अस्वाभाविक vast, enormous unimpressive, diminutive
Prodigy कौतुक miracle, marvel normal, average
Profligate अपव्ययी dissolute,
virtuous, upright
Profuse विपुल lavish, abundant scarce, scantly
Proscribe देश से निकालना prohibit, exclude solicit, include
Protract बढ़ाना prolong, delay abbreviate, curtail
Provoke भड़काना inflame, incite pacify, comfort
Prudent विवेकी cautious, discreet impetuous, unwise
Quack नीमहकीम impostor, deceiver upright, unfeigned
Quaint विचित्र queer, strange familiar, usual
Quarantine कोरांटीन seclude, screen befriend, socialize
Quell वश में करना subdue, reduce exacerbate, agitate
Questionable संदिग्ध dubious,
reliable, authentic
Quibble वक्रोक्ति equivocate,
unfeign, plain
Ratify पुष्टि करना consent, approve deny, dissent
Ravage नाश destroy, ruin reconstruct, renovate
Redeem एवज recover, liberate conserve, lose
Remnant अवशेष residue, piece entire, whole
Remonstrate प्रतिवाद करना censure, protest agree, loud
Remorse पछतावा regret, penitence ruthlessness, obduracy
Remote रिमोट inaccessible,
adjoining, adjacent
Rescind रद्द कर देना annul, abrogate delegate, permit
Resentment नाराज़गी displeasure, wrath content, cheer
Retract वापस लेना recant, withdraw confirm, assert
Reverence श्रद्धा respect, esteem disrespect, affront
Rout घोर पराजय vanquish,
succumb, withdraw
Rustic देहाती rural uncivilised cultured, refined
Ruthless क्रूर remorseless,
compassionate, lenient
Sarcastic कटु ironical, derisive courteous, gracious
Saucy सजीव impudent, insolent modest, humble
Scanty अल्प scarce,
lavish, multitude
Shabby जर्जर miserable,
prosperous, thriving
Shrewd चालाक cunning, crafty simple, imbecile
Slander बदनामी defame, malign applaud, approve
Sneer उपहास mock, scorn flatter, praise
Solicit मांगना entreat, implore protest, oppose
Sporadic छिटपुट intermittent,
incessant, frequent
Squalid मलिन dirty, filthy tidy, attractive
Stain धब्बा blemish, tarnish honour, purify
Stupor व्यामोह lethargy,
sensibility, consciousness
Subsequent आगामी consequent,
Preceding, Previous
Substantial ठोस considerable,
tenuous, fragile
Subvert पलट देना demolish, sabotage generate, organise
Superficial सतही partial, shallow profound, discerning
Sycophant चापलूस parasite,
devoted, loyal
Taboo निषेध prohibit, ban permit, consent
Taciturn अल्पभाषी reserved, silent talkative, extrovert
Tedious ग़ैरदिलचस्प wearisome, irksome exhilarating, lively
Temperate शीतोष्ण cool, moderate boisterous, violent
Throng भीड़ assembly, crowd dispersion, sparsity
Timid डरपोक diffident, coward bold, intrepid
Tranquil शांत peaceful, composed violent, furious
Transient क्षणिक temporal,
lasting, enduring
Trenchant तल्खी assertive,
feeble, ambiguous
Trivial तुच्छ trifling,
significant veteran
Tumultuous उथल-पुथल violent, riotous peaceful, harmonious
Tyro नौसिखिए beginner, learner proficient, veteran
Umbrage साया resentment,
sympathy, goodwill
Uncouth गंवार awkward,
elegant, graceful
Usurp हड़पना seize, wrest restore, compensate
Utterly बिलकुल completely,
deficiently, incompletely
Vagrant आवारा wanderer, roaming steady, settled
Valid मान्य genuine, authentic fallacious, deceptive
Valour वेलर bravery, prowess fear, cowardice
Vanity घमंड conceit,
modesty, humility
Venerable आदरणीय esteemed, honoured unworthy, immature
Venom विष poison,
antidote, benevolent
Veteran वयोवृद्ध ingenious,
novice, tyro
Vicious शातिर corrupt, obnoxious noble, virtuous
Vigilant जागरूक cautious, alert careless, negligent
Volatile परिवर्तनशील light, changing heavy, ponderous
Vouch ज़मानत देना confirm, consent repudiate, prohibit
Vulgar अशिष्ट inelegant,
elegant, civil
Waive माफ़ करें relinquish, remove impose, clamp
Wan वान pale, faded bright, healthy
Wane पतन decline, dwindle ameliorate, rise
Wary सावधान cautious,
heedless, negligent
Wed विवाह करना marry, combine divorce, separate
Wicked शैतान vicious, immoral virtuous, noble
Wield फिराना use, employ forgo, avoid
Wilt विल्ट wither, perish revive, bloom
Yearn हुड़कना languish, crave content, satisfy
Yell चिल्लाना shout, shriek whisper, muted
Yield प्राप्ति surrender,
resist, protest
Yoke दासत्व का चिह्न connect, harness liberate, release
Zeal उत्साह eagerness, fervour apathy, lethargy
Zenith शीर्षबिंदु summit, apex nadir, base
Zest दिलचस्पी delight,
disgust, passive
Zig-zag oblique, wayward straight, unbent


Books for Vocabulary Building

Buy ‘Word Power Made Easy by Normen Levis.’ This book can help you in building your basic vocabulary. It is seen that SSC exams vocabulary is at times hugely inspired by this book. The exercise helps you to never forget words once properly gone through it. After completing this book, you can also go for ’30 Days to More Powerful Vocabulary by the same author. There are also some very important books like SP Bakshi, Plinth to Paramount, Arihant publications and previous year related questions.

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