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Best Universities For Computer Science Degrees 2017 In U.K.

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Oxford University

So it’s ‘common knowledge’ that Oxford, Cambridge and UCL are among the top national universities of U.K. But some universities excel in English Literature, others in Psychology, and others still in Dance or Drama.

So which are the best universities nationwide for computer science degrees? We’ve taken a look at the Times Higher Education stats for each and every British university, and come up with the answer. Many of these Universities have adopted a Growth Mindset and dramatically increased the value that they now offer. Read on to find out more.

Number 5: University of Manchester

The University of Manchester’s school of computer science is the very oldest in the country, and fully deserves a place in our list. It was established all the way back in 1964, with roots of interconnected academics reaching back to the post-war period, around 1947. The faculty is home to around eight hundred students studying both part time and full time, and is located in the heart of vibrant Manchester.

The University of Manchester’s computer science department is famous for having invented the world’s first stored-program computer, no mean feat in 1947-48. Their first rate teaching staff includes 21 full professors and a dedicated army of part time staff too. Their courses cover themes like artificial intelligence, software engineering and business applications.

Number 4: University of Edinburgh

Next up in our list is the University of Edinburgh’s computer science, or informatics degree. While not one of the oldest departments in the U.K., Edinburgh is consistently ranked in the top 20 in the world for computer science. Their degree lasts a total of five years rather than four, so if you choose to study there, be prepared to stay on longer than some of your friends in other courses! The good news is that an extra year can give you the edge over your fellow graduates from other, less specialist universities.

They offer fifteen different informatics degrees, with varying degrees of specificity: so you can study artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and computer science, artificial intelligence and mathematics, artificial intelligence and software engineering, or artificial intelligence with management. The choice is yours! The course is taught in the School of Informatics in Edinburgh, which is a wonderful old city filled with stunning architecture.

Number 3: University College London, UCL

UCL is typically one of the universities that dominates the computer science scene here in the U.K. Back in 2014, the Research Excellence Framework (a study taken on behalf of UK higher education funding councils) ranked UCL number one in computer science out of 89 universities. An incredible 61% of all research done at UCL, by professors and PhD’s, was considered to be world-leading: the very best in the world, not just the U.K.

Since then, UCL has slipped down the rankings. Not because they’ve been doing any worse, but because the quality of computer science degrees on offer here in the U.K. has only gotten better. Even so, UCL is an excellent choice. Their computer science degree, according to the university itself, focuses on solving real world problems through problem based learning. This is great news for graduates looking for a real world application for their degree. Leavers over the past few years have been able to make Lenovo, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Barclays their first career destinations- so your career will be in safe hands, if you apply yourself. [1]

Number 2: Imperial College London, ICL

ICL narrowly beat out rivals UCL in the Times Higher Education list because of their great ranking not just in the quality of their computer science degree, but the quality of their institution as a whole. They’re ranked second in British universities and twelfth globally. And that’s not for computer science- that’s as an institution as a whole.

Their computer science department is one of the largest in the U.K., and is widely considered one of the leading academic and research institutions globally. So those professors whose lectures you consider not turning up to because you’d like a lie-in? They’re at the forefront of their field. You should get out of bed!

They have over fifty academic staff, and offer courses in artificial intelligence, qualitative analysis, decision science and visual information processing. The Research Excellence Framework placed them number one for research impact out of British universities.

And of course, you’ll be living in the nation’s capital. While this doesn’t mean your degree itself will be any better or any more useful once you graduate, there’s definitely something to be said about living in London. You’ll have access to the best nightlife, the best bands, and the best theatre. The best of everything!

Number 1: Oxford University

Yep, believe it or not, Oxford is the best British university for computer science- as well as being the best for a load of other subjects too. That’s because of their undoubted prowess in research and as an institution more widely.

Oxford houses one of the oldest dedicated departments for computing studies in the country, which was originally known as the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. They’re currently celebrating their 60th anniversary, having been set up in 1957 by Leslie Fox. They’ve come a long way since, teaching over 200 students, 130 research students, 70 academic staff and 140 research staff. As you can imagine, the professor-to-student ratio is out of this world!

Oxford’s computer science degree takes three years for a BA, with an option to stay on for a fourth year and complete an MA. As a rule, every student who studies the computer science degree opts to stay on- so be prepared to study an advanced subject and follow your own path of research.

As for graduates, 100% are in full time professional employment six months after graduation. They were also the top earners among their peer group where they worked, at least according to a 2014 Sunday Times poll. [2] Because of their pedigree, though, they only accept a few dozen students per year… So be prepared to fight for your place.



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