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The only best way to revise for JEE Main examinations

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JEE Main 2017 exam is due on 2nd April and it’s just 30 days before exam. Students are in hypertension and are consuming knowledge like they’re made just for that. You have to keep in mind the way you study is the most important when time is so short.

The best strategy right now is to give as many tests as possible, and then rectify the mistakes committed in those tests. There cannot be anything that you can do to start and complete the syllabus right now. Don’t do that, that’s a folly. Instead, take these free JEE Main mock tests which are exactly exam like and promise a 93% accuracy.

The next best alternative is to practice the concepts that you’ve already learnt before. There are more than a couple of tools that give you questions for practice. Most of them are paid, and with just 30 days in your hand, you wouldn’t want to pay.

The next set of advice coming from faculty is that, do not give away marks just out of over confidence or careless mistakes. These are all counted as wasted attempts and hurt you real bad because of negative markings. The next factor that would hurt you is, the attempts which you go overtime in. This eats up your time and will kick in panic at the last moment which will negatively affect the rest of your paper. Try and make all your attempts perfect and you’ll be surprised to find the improvement without any substantial efforts.

Lastly, what you should do is keep calm. During the exam season, people tend to be in a constant state of panic. They don’t calm themselves and everything that they do is with an additional unnecessary baggage of  that tension and it reduces the productivity of a lot of things. You will need to have your fair share of refreshment every day. Meet friends, watch TV, speak to your siblings, discuss things other than studies and give your mind some space outside the books. On the exam day or just before that, don’t try too hard, it might ruin your entire hard work throughout the year. What good is it if you know everything and couldn’t perform just because you didn’t sleep well last night. Do your best, but also remember, it’s just an exam; you’ll either perform well or you will not. You’ll get what you deserve. If you pass and succeed, you’ll move on for the next battle, if not, then, you’ll get up, dust yourself and live another day for the same battle with more force.

Either ways your life doesnt stop, nor does this world stops for just one person or just for one examination. May be it’s not meant to be, or may be you have a better surprise waiting for you.

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