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27 January

The Easy Way to Revise for Important Exams

Students from schools and universities alike, when knee-deep in exams are no doubt inundated with revision tips from parents, friends, teachers and next door’s dog. Revisions are one of the most important things for complete preparations and gaining confidence for …

How to Study Less Learn More
26 January

How to Study Less & Learn More

Reading or learning something and forgetting it afterward, are a difficulty most of us face. It is a common problem in the students which affect in a direct way. It is troublesome for the people who are preparing for an …

22 January

Best coachings for C.A.

Good at number crunching? Abreast of latest news of the corporate world? Then C.A. is a suitable career for you. The career is a gateway to most lucrative offers and scaling new heights in the corporate world.  Consisting of various …

Best Universities in the World
22 January

Best 5 Universities in the World

The world has become a global village. And the opening of the economy has contributed a great deal to the exchange of goods and knowledge across the boundaries of the nations. The prospect of getting world class education and the …

22 January

JEE Main 2019 Syllabus

Mathematics Sets, Relations and Functions Sets and their representation; Union, intersection and complement of sets and their algebraic properties; Power set; Relation, types of relations, equivalence relations, functions; one-one, into and onto functions, composition of functions. Complex Numbers and Quadratic …

JEE Main Qualifying Examinations
21 January

Class XII Equivalent Examinations: JEE Main

Examinations accepted as Class XII or equivalent for JEE Main An important requirement for appearing for JEE Main is that you must have passed a Class XII or equivalent examination that includes the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, without which …

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