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Career Choices for Professionals with a Masters Degree in Marketing

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Regardless of their achievements, there are many reasons why students continue their education and attend a graduate school. One popular option for graduates who are already working professionally is to earn an online degree in marketing management. A masters degree in marketing management can be applied to a wide variety of fields.

Hence, the following are some great ways to utilize a new Masters Degree in Marketing.

Sales Representative

The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase the amount of sales a business is able to make, Hence, the most obvious career to pursue would be as a sales representative. Sales jobs are plentiful in areas as diverse as fashion, entertainment or manufacturing. Moreover, these can be the springboard to a career in other areas of marketing.

Market Research Analyst

Marketing students who enjoy the analytical, quantitative or research side of business might find this career rewarding.
A market research analyst is responsible for assessing consumer reactions to products or services that are new or have been modified. They are also accountable for their reaction to packaging and advertising. They gather and organize this information before interpreting the data with statistical tools and software. Analysts will draw on their creativity so that they elicit the desired responses to a product from consumers.
An analyst then delivers a prepared presentation and report that highlights what information they have found to their marketing managers. These are similar to academic reports that marketing students create at university. It’s a great way to apply creativity and logic.

Fundraiser Marketing

Marketing majors who have an urge to help society have found fundraising to be fulfilling. The people responsible for developing and raising money for non-profit organizations are marketing their organization to the greater public. One of the main ways of raising funds is through assessing prospective donors’ interests. You can also raise funds by communicating the ways their organizations provide key services.
Fundraisers apply the interpersonal and presentational skills to help create the pitches they make to any potential donor. These are the skills that a marketer learns in school. In addition, they may organize events and then publicize them to corporate entities to secure a corporate sponsorship.

Brand/Product Manager

For marketers who already have experience in the field, their ideal job might be a brand manager. Typically, brand managers oversee the marketing strategy that goes into selling a specific brand or product line’s merchandise. A brand manager chooses and directs different departments and the contractors conducting the research, media plans and advertising for the brand.
Possessing a Masters in Marketing will provide the knowledge of advertising, product development and marketing research required for this position. This job also requires excellent analytical skills. You require these skills essentially to evaluate the trends of consumers and any research about the product.
You also require to skill yourself at presentation and persuasion. This is important for pitching budgets and other proposals to the senior executives at the company. It’s a career for a business person looking to nurture a company from startup to profitable entity.

Looking for a Way to Apply Your Masters in Marketing?

Earning a Masters in Marketing can provide entrance to a variety of career options. From working to benefit society, to building brands that get sold worldwide, there are many fulfilling ways to use a Masters Degree. The choices available can be rewarding financially and watching a brand grow due to the way you have marketed it can bring immense personal satisfaction.

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