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Short Term Career Education and Training Programs in USA schools

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Career Education and Training

Career Training programs featured here focus on programs that can get people quickly into the workforce in careers where there is a demand for entry-level workers. Many programs can be completed in less than one year and some in less than six months. The truck driver training can normally be completed in about six weeks. Some career training can be completed online. Practically all of the schools featured here offer some type of financial aid for qualified students which includes grants, student loans, work study, veterans benefits, scholarships, and other financing options. Career placement assistance is also offered by most of the schools. They will help students create a resume, practice interviewing, learn appropriate dress and office etiquette, and in finding job leads.

Some schools have contacts with companies and they will recruit directly from the pool of graduates and others might hold job fairs to help graduates find the job that matches their interest. Some schools offer career placement for life. Once a prospective student has found an area of study that they want to pursue we strongly recommend that they request information from several different schools in the area where they want to study. Since schools teach differently, some emphasizing hands-on training over classroom learning and a number of financial aid awards can vary between schools, a student that has information on several different schools will be able to match a program with their interests and career goals. Check out the Career options for 12th Pass Students

Animal-Related Schools

Animal-Related schools train adult learners in careers which put them in direct daily contact with animals. The schools featured here include Farrier (Horseshoeing) schools and Veterinary Assisting or Vet Tech schools. The training offered by these schools puts the graduate in a career field where they will help animals in their everyday duties. This is an area where animal lovers thrive and find the work especially rewarding.

Automotive/Diesel Schools

These schools prepare students for careers in automotive technology, diesel/heavy technology, Ford MLR training, and High-Performance technology. Students graduate from these programs are ready to enter the job market as skilled technicians in these “in demand” fields. Most schools train students with a combination classroom and hands-on training. Students normally learn on the same or similar types of equipment that they will see once they start working. Most schools offer some type of financial assistance or payment programs. These schools normally have contacts and help the graduates find their first job in an area where they want to work or the type of environment they want to experience.

Aviation Training Schools

Aviation Training schools train students to repair, inspect, and work on the construction of aircraft. These schools offer training in airframe and powerplant and avionics. Most schools offer state and federal financial aid to qualified applicants. They will also help the graduates find jobs in the aviation industry. The length of the programs varies by schools which are located throughout the United States.

Court Reporting Schools

These schools prepare students for a career working in the legal system. Court reporters are highly skilled professionals who use the latest technology to deliver a verbatim account of the spoken word. The court reporting schools train their students in the basics and advanced techniques they will need to be successful in this profession. These school generally offer financial aid and career placement assistance.

Electrician Schools

Electrician schools are located throughout the United States and online. These schools prepare students for entry-level work as an electrician. Students learn how to read blueprints and to install electrical systems in factories, office buildings, homes, and other structures. Typically qualified students at these schools will be eligible for a variety of financial aid options to pay for their education. These might include grants, student loans, scholarships, and veterans benefits. Most schools also help students get their first job by using their industry contacts and through job fairs.

Healthcare Schools

Healthcare Schools prepare students for different careers in healthcare. These include Dental Assisting, Holistic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Medical Administration, Medical Assisting, Medical Coding, Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Receptionist, Optical Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Technology, and Ultrasound Diagnostic training. Students that go to these training programs graduate ready to work in healthcare. Many programs can be completed in less than one year.

HVAC Schools

These schools train students for careers in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration. These schools and training programs prepare students for a career in this industry. The schools featured here normally offer some type of financing or financial aid. Many of the schools will also provide job placement and some have externship programs where students work in real-world situations while learning their trade.

Legal Schools

Legal schools offer instruction and training in Paralegal, Legal Assistant, and Legal Secretary programs. Students learn areas of Law Office Procedures, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Corporate and Contract Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, and Wills, Estates, Trusts, Probate, and Bankruptcy. Some Legal Assistant Schools incorporate externships in practicing law offices to better prepare the student and to improve their employment prospects.

Massage Therapy Schools

Massage Therapy schools prepare students for a career in massage. Some schools teach students several different types of massage therapy and others will focus on a particular type of massage for their curriculum. Program durations vary by school and the variety of subject material taught.

Medical Assisting Schools

These schools will cover gathering patient information, taking vital signs, taking medical histories, preparing patients for examinations by the doctor, and assisting during the medical appointment. Medical assistants may also take blood samples, give injections to patients, and perform other medical duties.

Medical Coding Schools

Medical Coding schools teach students to work with patient records, medical intervention documents, reports on surgeries, and the results of examinations, converting them into electronic records. The learn to assemble patients’ health information by first making sure their initial medical charts are complete. These schools normally offer financial aid and career placement assistance.

Pharmacy Technician Schools

These schools prepare students for integration into a community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy environment at an entry-level position as a registered pharmacy technician. These types of programs cover a variety of topics, including daily pharmacy operational procedures, weight and measurement systems, pharmacology, ethics, cash register operations, keyboarding, poison control, pharmacy computer operations, prescription processing, compounding, inventory control, pharmaceutical mathematics and more depending on the school.

Travel Schools

Travel schools prepare students for a career in the travel industry. To do the job right they need to know a variety of subjects and skills including the basics of the operation of a travel business, as well as general business and administrative skills and techniques. Most Travel Schools will offer job placement assistance and financial aid to qualified students.

Truck Driving Schools

These schools prepare students to earn their CDL and teach them how to operate large commercial trucks. Training is normally done with modern tandem axle tractors and trailers. After mastering the basics of cornering and maneuvering techniques, preventive maintenance, pre-trip inspections, and parallel and blindside parking; students will start learning Over-The-Road (OTR) training.

Welding Schools

Welding schools prepare students for a career in welding and metal work. Students will learn through classroom study of metallurgy, safety, and welding. Hands-on training programs will hone the skills the students will need to begin a career in welding. Normally welding schools will train the students on a wide variety of different welding methodologies, such as metal arc, pipe welding, oxygen-acetylene, mig, tig, and gas welding.

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