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Career in Aviation after 12th

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The glamorous and exciting work environment of an airline job offering you an endless travel opportunity and a glimpse into luxurious lifestyles are the greatest attractions of a flying job. The aviation and transport industry offers varied opportunities for exciting and rewarding careers ranging from managerial positions to that of high flying pilots. Flying high is to be found commercial pilots, flight engineers, and the cabin crew. Commercial pilots are highly trained professionals who fly airplanes usually for national and international airline corporations in their commercial flying operations.


Pilots have to be well balanced, in peak physical condition, with good eyesight and color vision, confident, self-assured, mentally and physically alert to respond quickly to changing conditions. They must have above average intelligence, considerable technical skill and be unflappable.


To qualify for the CPL, applicants must have completed the Higher Secondary Certificate examination or the 10+2 successfully with Physics, Mathematics as subjects and have completed 250 hours of flight experience. But this process can start after completion of matriculation and having attained 16 years of age, Flying clubs conduct the oral examination which entitles a candidate to get a Student Pilot Licence. Thereafter they can commence the flying training. After acquiring the SPL, training for Private Licence starts. This includes a total of 60 hours of flying including approximately 20 hours of dual flying with a flying instructor, 20 hours of solo flying with about 5 hours of cross country flying. Theoretical Examinations have to be passed in subjects like Air Regulation, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Aircraft, and Engines. The first 60 hours of flight training is subsidized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) at all government flying clubs in the country. After the PPL adding another 190 hours of flying experience makes you eligible to obtain a CPL. A flight radiotelephone operator’s license and radiotelephone license are also will be obtained. During the training, one gets exposure to a wide range of aircraft with specialized hours of solo flying, cross-country flying and night flying. Theoretical subjects have to be cleared and medical fitness certified. Physical fitness norms are important. So one should be quite clear about a proper medical examination before embarking on flying training. Medical for CPL is conducted by the Armed Forces Central Medical Establishment (AFCME). The certificate is valid for a year. The total cost of acquiring a CPL would be approximately Rs. 6-10 lakhs. For those who plan to go abroad for their CPL must remember that they will have to clear an examination conducted by the DGCA  if they want to practice in India. NCC air cadets are entitled to 60 hours of cost-free flying as flight training is part of the three-year curriculum of the NCC which runs parallel to the undergraduate studies. The next 190 hours of flight experience after the PPL is offered by the government flying cost at a rate lower than what is charged by the private flying schools in India. Apart from flying hours, the candidate must also fulfill the required number offs and landings.


Telangana State Aviation Academy
Flytech Aviation Academy
Wings Aviation Pct. Ltd.
Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy Ltd. GMR HIAL Airport Office Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Shamshabad
Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd.
Haryana Instt. Of Civil Aviation
Haryana Instt. Of Civil Aviation
Haryana Instt. Of Civil Aviation
Govt. Aviation Training School
HAL Rotary Wing Academy
Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Tech. Radhasree
Madhya Pradesh Flying Club
Madhya Pradesh Flying Club
Chimes Aviation
Sha- Shib Flying Academy
Nagpur Flying Club
The Bombay Flying Club
National Flying Training Institute
Academy of Carver Aviation
SKVM’s Flying Academy of Aviation
Bihar Flying Instt. Government of Bihar
Govt. Aviation Training Instt. Directorate of Aviation
Amritsar Aviation Club
Patiala Aviation Club
Banasthali Vidyapith Gliding Flying Club
The Madras Flying Club Ltd.
Orient Flight School
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udan Akademi Fursatganj
Ambitions Flying Club Pvt. Ltd.
Garg Aviation Ltd.
Pioneer Flying Club
Saraswati Aviation Academy
Falcon Aviation Academy
Orient Flights Aviation Academy
Telangana State Aviation Academy

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