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Career in Interior Designing after Graduation

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People today do not just want a house to live in; they want beautiful living spaces that come with amazing amenities. People want their homes to be great in aesthetic value and high on everyday functionality. This is where the insight and judgment of a good interior designer come into the picture. Read on to understand what exactly an interior designer does and what its job prospects are. Learn how to Turn Your Career Towards Interior Designing For A Bright Future.

What is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer is basically responsible for designing the interiors of a commercial or residential area. But this is not the only requirement of the job. After all, it is much more than just designing a house artistically. You need to find the perfect balance between beauty, aesthetics, functionality, and convenience. It requires thinking out-of-the-box and executing a design that blends well with the client’s vision.

An interior designer examines all of the furnishings that need to be installed in the house and accordingly determines the ideal way to lay them out. The furnishings need to be laid out in a manner that makes the house look appealing, striking and inviting. Other than the arrangement and layout, she/he also has to look into external factors such as proper ventilation and sunlight exposure.

A career in interior DesigningSkills and Abilities of an Interior Designer 

A good and competent interior designer needs to possess a natural sense of style and should be creatively inclined. She/he should also possess strong visualization skills and have a knack for communicating with all kinds of people. Time management is another crucial factor as a designer has to compete with delays in construction, limited manpower and various other kinds of issues.

You need to possess a thorough understanding of color schemes and architecture while constantly updating your knowledge about the latest materials available in the market. You need to understand how to blend with the customer’s tastes and possess an ability that helps customers go in for the most appropriate design.

How does an Interior Designer carry out his Tasks?

An interior designer performs their tasks in the following manner.

  • Initially, the interior designer works on finding and bidding on new projects. After securing one, she/he moves on to conversing with the client about the conceptualization of the house and their specific requirements and preferences.
  • The designer takes into account the space of the room and formulates a purpose for it. This determines the kind of furnishings required.
  • Sometimes, the designer is involved right from the time of designing the blueprint of the building. In this case, they can plan how to arrange windows and doors.
  • A designer determines the kind of furniture required for your house and also how much is required. They then go on to determine the color scheme and style.
  • In certain cases, if the customer wishes, the designer even has the final say on materials used in electrical wiring, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures and wall finishing.
  • They set a deadline to ensure that the project is completed within a specific period of time and constantly check installation and progress.

The interior designer cannot make decisions for the customer. They can only advise and optimize the preferences of the customer.

How does an interior designer carry out his tasks?Job Prospects for Interior Designers

Even though at present, India has a lack of interior designers; the scenario is changing for the better. A number of Interior Designing Colleges are providing the right education to aspirants to meet up with the demand. Many people are realizing the importance of planning and aesthetically organizing their house in a way that looks and feels appealing. Assistant interior designers, as well as the senior ones, have access to a convenient salary. In addition to this, you gain bonuses and commissions too.

You can check out for full-time jobs at:

  • Architecture firms
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Builder firms
  • Interior designing agencies
  • Government establishments

All said and done, you need to work patiently if you want to make a success in the field of interior designing. It is a fulfilling and lucrative career option if you have a creative bend of mind and a keen eye for details.

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