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Career Options after Hotel Management

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I would like to start off by saying that hotel management is one of those fields which has a vast and varied career scope. One of the most important things taught at any institute for hotel management is communication, which is one skill that can help you in many other fields. Similarly, if you have pursued a course in Hotel management and are curious as to what other field you can find employment in with this degree, here is a little information regarding the same:

The first and foremost thing is whether you are aware of what you are passionate about and what you are good at, as these are two different things. You must be sure of what your strengths are so that you can find an occupation that highlights these strengths. The next task is to make a clear list of what you do not wish to do so that you have a clearer picture. You could evaluate all your options on the basis of the above two features.

One of the most common thing to do after graduating from an institute in hotel management is to get into the food & beverage industry. Since the food market is a place where everyone’s taste varies, you will always find a gap in the market which can be filled with your product/service. This industry also gives you the leverage of adding your own personalized touch to your venture, for example, if you wish to start your own café, you could choose any theme, menu, or location for it; similarly if you wish to start your own brand of packaged snacks, you can choose the flavors and distribution channel.

Another industry that you could consider is the mass communication field. Even though they are two completely different fields, they do tend to have some similarities. Just like hotels, even mass communication companies look for people who have fantastic communication skills and are refined in their demeanor. The work that falls under this industry is usually extremely fun-filled and heavily dependent on networking and interpersonal relationships.

The event management and tourism industry are also solid options for people who are either looking for a career change from the hotel industry or are keen on doing a hospitality degree before joining any other field. The travel and tourism industry is extremely inter-related with the hospitality industry and thus, accepts hospitality graduates for employment. A career in fields like Public relations and sales can also be considered for the reasons that today, there is a lot of scope in these fields and there are a lot of employment opportunities there. If you have a streak for adventure, you could always start your own adventure sports company. So basically, there is no limit to what you can do if you start your own venture. So be open-minded and confident, and the right opportunity will come to you.

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By Shirley Andreson

Andreson is a professional writer with an Education in Hotel Management and Hospitality courses who shares easily digest...more

Andreson is a professional writer with an Education in Hotel Management and Hospitality courses who shares easily digestible info through her clear and effective writing skills. less

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Page Title : Career Options after Hotel Management

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