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Career Paths That You Have Never Considered

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try the lesser known career paths

In every family, there are pursuers of certain career paths that are well paid: doctors, lawyers, engineers. But, with the advent of the internet, things have also taken the turn for the better. Therefore, in the 21st century, you can find well-paid jobs and career paths in places you would have never looked.

One of those places is the online gambling/gaming industry!

Are you a graduate in search of exciting job opportunities? Well, focusing on this exhilarating and ever-growing industry can enhance your chances of getting an awesome job. The gambling/gaming sector, directly and indirectly, employs hundreds of thousands of people on every continent, with amazing growth in Africa and Asia, providing a wide range of exciting opportunities and great potential for focused and ambitious individuals.

FAQs on Gambling

Let’s look at some of the career opportunities in the gambling/gaming industry that only came about a few years ago. Thanks to the rapid technological revolution, increased access to the internet, availability of affordable smartphones. Moreover, a shrinking job market and a gambling/gaming craze that has spread all over have also contributed to this development.

1. Game Developer

Many consider game developers as the backbone of the gambling/gaming sector. Online casinos cannot exist if there are no games. The career opportunities that are available within game development include editors, artists, producers, and quality assurance (QA technicians). Also, designers and programmers, among others are there also.

It is without a doubt an exciting area for a graduate to work in. However, candidates who wish to fill the position must have adequate technical knowledge that can help get things up and running.

2. Odds trader

The primary role of an odds trader (also known as Risk Analysts or Odds Compilers) is to come up with odds based on mathematical calculations. It’s not an easy job considering all the variables, for example, the form of both teams, injuries, home-court advantage etc. To become an odds trader, you must be good at mathematics. You also need to understand exceptionally, the working of the gaming industry in all sports, ranging from football to tennis.

3. Gaming accountant

In the gambling/gaming industry, an accountant is responsible for maintaining proper records of all financial transactions. This he/she does to help monitor the company’s financial status, as well as update and reconcile all accounting data. The individual also has the responsibility of maintaining budgetary control and monitoring of cash flows. Besides, implementing financial transactions in accordance with applicable laws, and analyzing financial risks are also a part of his/her job. One also expects him/her to submit reports to the management team.

4. The Miscellaneous

There are many other career paths in the gaming industry that you have never considered. They include security analyst, compliance manager, IT project coordinator, information security manager, delivery manager – Information Technology services, marketing manager, copywriter, SharePoint administrator, and database administrator etc.

Be Ready for the Unexpected Bends!

Many people today are in careers that they never imagined themselves in while growing up. Some people aspired for being medical doctors, but they turned out to be church ministers. Some wanted to be engineers but are now successful farmers. You are probably wondering how the shy, humble boy who was in your class about 20 years ago turned out to be an extremely bold and arrogant politician decade later.

The Socio-economic Impact of Gaming

What did you study in college, and what do you do for a living today? You may be a successful copywriter, cartoonist, transcription expert or computer programmer, even though you studied accounting or finance while in college.

Welcome to the digital age, an era when a significant number of graduates earn their daily bread from career paths that they never considered while growing up.

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