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Careers in Esports Industry – Infographic

Careers in Esports Industry – Infographic

Recently eSports has emerged not only as a professional sporting event but also as an industry where you can find great many jobs and long-term career options. And jobs in the esports industry are extremely sort after due to the exciting and innovative nature of the industry as a whole.

eSports has totally changed how we used to perceive games. Game publishers are now spending considerable time, money and creativity on making games that come with immersive online gameplay that will not only keep people playing, but will be entertaining enough to keep spectators glued to the action.

Through these games they are able to hook gamers who play with complete strangers over the internet. Take DOTA 2 for instance. A massive upgrade from DOTA, it is now being played by millions of gamers online through Steam.

This in turn has turned eSports into global events where the tournaments not only attract gamers and fans but also multimillion dollars sponsorship deals from companies like RedBull and Xbox. These events are being organized at a huge scale that requires manpower. That is why jobs such as social media manager, event planner, graphic designers and commentators to mention just a few are sprouting in eSports industry.

So if you are bored with your current job or want to switch to an exciting industry, eSports is definitely worth checking out at the very least, and now is a great time to join, the esports industy is relatively young so getting in now will ensure that in a few years’ time you will have the experience to progress within the industry.

Learn more about the jobs available in the industry through this infographic by Computer Planet. It lists some great opportunities that you can apply for today, how experience you might need and what salary you could expect:

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