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Careers within Hotel Management

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Hotel Management

It is a fact that an industry as vast as the hotel industry would provide a large variety of options in the kind of career a person could make after graduating from a hotel management institute. Along with a bachelors, today, the education in hotel management has gone one step further in the form of a master’s degree in hotel management. Today, there is no dearth of educational institutions to pursue courses in hotel management and thus, it is important to know the kind of specialization you would like to pursue within the industry. There are a tone of skill and knowledge based divisions between roles in a Hotel and your training must reflect that. Some of the career options that you could pursue within the Hotel Industry are:

1. Culinary Arts:

1. Culinary is the art of creating food. A course in culinary arts will equip you with the right amount of skill and will help you develop your taste and intuition in food. In order to pursue culinary arts, an aspirant must have an above average knowledge of Food and passion in order to stand out of the crowd. A student of culinary arts is not just limited to a professional kitchen in a Hotel. With the right business acumen, a Chef could also start his/her own venture. A person can decide the cuisine they wish to specialize in and then pursue it with a will to offer the best dishes to their customers. Culinary is a field wherein the rewards are directly proportional with the actions, i.e. if you offer a good product, you your goodwill and business will elevate.

2. Front-desk/ Reception:

1. This is where your managerial skills come into play. A manager/ reception staff is considered to be the middle-man between the organization and the customer, and all interaction takes place through him/her. A manager is supposed to be extremely well-presented, courteous, cordial, and must have a warm personality. A front-desk manager is also the one who is exposed to a lot of crisis situations and thus, must have the ability to not crack under pressure.

3. Travel/ Tour agents:

1. A lot of the luxury hotels provide provisions for a tour guide/travel guide who assists guests and tourists in sightseeing around the city. This is an extremely helpful service as a lot of the tourists might miss out on some of the most beautiful landmarks when they go for a vacation. In order to be in the travel business, a person should have thorough knowledge regarding the city he/she functions in. Networking is also a major aspect on the travel industry in order to get the best deals.

4. House-keeping:

1. If organization and coordination is something you’re good at, then this is where you should be. As a house-keeping staff, your primary job would be to directly be in touch with the guests of the hotel and look after their daily needs. From toiletries to bills, it is important for a house-keeping staff to handle inventories, communicate with the customer, keep the rooms tidy, and make sure that the customer has a pleasant stay.

5. Restaurant management:

  1. Every hotel has a restaurant and every restaurant has a management taking care of its everyday running. Luxury hotels usually have multiple restaurants specializing in very particular cuisines and thus, the restaurant staff needs to be in sync with the ambience on the restaurant. From the manager to the waiters, everyone should be well-informed about the functioning and must work like a well-trained team. The basic skills required to make a career in restaurant management are understanding of different cuisines, basic communication skills, and a pleasant attitude.

2. There are various other job roles offered by a hotel and with such an exciting scope for growth and learning, the hotel industry seems like a fun and exciting place to be!

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By Shirley Andreson

Andreson is a professional writer with an Education in Hotel Management and Hospitality courses who shares easily digest...more

Andreson is a professional writer with an Education in Hotel Management and Hospitality courses who shares easily digestible info through her clear and effective writing skills. less

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