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If a chaiwala can do this, you can as well

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Narendra Modi

           ‘WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY’ is a nice old saying which has proved its meaning hundred percent. It means that if we have a desire to do something, things will come to our way but we need to be dedicated. There will be some hindrance in the way but our willpower surely helps us to achieve our goal. Will is the wish to do anything in life. The meaning of the proverb applies to all the work areas of life.

             I think we all are aware about the life of our Prime Minister -Narendra Modi. He was born in a small poor family. When he was small he would enjoy joyfully. When he got a little bigger he started working at a tea shop near the Political party’s office. As he worked there for two-three years all political workers knew him. It was easy for him to go in and work for poor and needy people. He also started working for common people.  Then his age was above eighteen . He would talk politely and with pride to everybody.

             Then one day all of them decided and thought he had some talent but he was unable to show it to the people as he was not having much amount of money. Then he learnt little about politics. So then he joined politics and while voting he got many votes and he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Every five years the Ministers are changed. Thus, again after five year voting was done and again he was selected and was the Chief Minister for next five years. This way his journey began. Everybody saw his work and then they thought that he is the perfect person to lead the country India.

               Everybody got to know him because of his ability, knowledge and his work. Now he is a well known Prime Minister. He has also been declared as “The Best Travelling Prime Minister Of World.”He wants to make the country India the first positioned country among all . He had currently taken the decision of banning the old notes. He banned five hundred rupees note and thousand rupees note. He started up with two thousand rupees new notes. My mother and father support him. Even my other family members support him as they feel like he is following a correct path.        

                  With his will and dedication, he changed the face of modern India. I am truly inspired by him and would like to do something for the betterment of our country.                  


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