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The Changing Face of Fashion Industry in India

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fashion industry

In the last few years, globally and in India, Fashion is changing with a rapid growth with each passing era. Change has always been a  prominent part of the fashion industry that is rising by leaps and bounds.  Today fashion industry bears little resemblance to that of a decade ago and will change even more in the decade ahead.

India has experienced a lot of changes over the last few decades. It always managed to draw attention from all over the world. Things that help in changing the face of fashion:


Technology has proven to be a great milestone in the fashion trends. Due to the advent of technology and their incorporation into fashionable clothes has taken fashion to another level.

Global Fame:

For the last couple of years, looking at achievements of Indian fashion  Industry, many global brands are participating with Indian fashion designers in full swing. International brands such as Zara, Vero Moda, lewis and many other have already cemented their grounds in the country, still there are many the waiting list.


Designers are taking a consideration what new they can bring to customers. The clothes are worn by Indian people vary across length and breadth of the country.

Valuable Degree:

A fashion design career requires a college degree as it groom students not just in the field of fashion, but also related concepts like designing, and marketing. While a degree is not always the best or most practical route for some, but many of today’s renowned designers have multiple degrees from reputed Fashion schools.
It takes years of dedication to become a famous designer, and to reach this level of success requires a full-time commitment in your degree.

Perception has changed:

Significant change in behavior, as more and more urbanized Indians are wearing Western on daily basis, although they prefer traditional dresses for the occasions. As a result, India’s  has famous brands  — such as Pantaloons and Cover Story. Local brands are also having a much better understanding of the market’s tastes, trends,  and the vast knowledge of Indian clothing traditions.

India’s changing face of fashion replicates India’s changing ideas of what constitutes the India’s culture. In fashion, one day you’re in, the next day, you’re out Fashion has no rules but designers should come up with rules that work for everyone. Along with the burning desire to create some fashion designers are still looking to improve their skills.

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Page Title : The Changing Face of Fashion Industry in India

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