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Changing Your Stream Of Education After Pursuing Your Degree

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Time and again graduation students find themselves in a state of mind which fails to charge them up to pursue the stream they had chosen; as their field of study seems to them waning and they are confused about its contribution in their career. Ironical part is that these students either have failed to identify their field of interests or they somehow are forced to adjust with the customary pro-forma of education system and continue to discover their career in the subject of graduation.

Now they are left with two options; either they have to settle themselves and keep putting up efforts while adjusting, or make a change and switch to a field that is in alignment with their interests. And basically while making such a change in decision, it takes high emotional quotient as well as belief in oneself.

Today, thousands of Universities across India, conduct programs on specialised and professional degrees and diplomas most of which did not even exist a few years ago. No matter if a student is a degree engineer or a botany hons or a commerce graduate or a student of history, they can choose a different applied subject which may not have any resemblance to their previous studies, in their post-graduation. But it needs a proper planning and saying a big ‘NO’ to any confusion anymore, as the decision in post-graduation would be a pointer towards their career.

Lots of professional career counselors are there to guide and support the students and suggest the best possible lines of career for them. Once identifying their true potential they can focus towards a better career and future.

Professions like fashion designing, jewellery designing, industrial make-up art, medical transcriptions, technical writing, content writing, sales jobs, animation, graphics designing, web developing, sound design, archaeology, museology, geology, hospital management, hotel management, cinematography, choreography, mass communication, journalism, performing art like drama, dance, acting, modelling, learning foreign language, photography, business administration, computer application, sports management and many more opportunities are there for post-graduation students and the list is literally long.

There are lot of successful people who are known for the career they chose, not for what they studied in their graduation.

Chetan Bhagat, an IIT Engineer(MBA, IIM ) is a renowned contemporary novelist. Shahrukh Khan , a student of economics pursuing a career as an actor. Dr. Suvendu Chatterjee , a Bengali actor left his medical profession and carried his acting career gracefully. John Abraham too is a management guy who moved with his passion of acting. Anupam Roy , a famous Bengali singer and music composer left his job and listened to his heart. Anil Kumble , left his engineering career and did stick to the technicalities of cricket and the rest is history. Sujoy Ghosh, another director/actor left his engineering career and opted to direct movies and is continuing his efforts.

Still confused! Look deep inside your heart and identify your interest. Narrow those down and if you think to change the subject that has made you confused, do not hesitate.  Switch your stream. Make a healthy growth of your own potential, as it is rightly said that make your passion your profession, you will have a happy career.

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Saurav Mondol

Mar 29, 2017

Very good article indeed. True portrayal of dilemma of every student.

blog image

Dipankar Sarkar

Mar 29, 2017

Nicely said...a true solution for the dilemma nearly all students are facing today..... An eye opener and must read for many students.

blog image

Sayani Soham Ghosh

Mar 30, 2017

Awesomely portrait the conflict between heart & mind of a student..... Its always proved that run after your dreams to achieve success...

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