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Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering

One of the recently evolved branches in engineering science is the Chemical Engineering.  Chemical Engineering can be defined as an important subdivision of Engineering that has recently come to demand due to its high usefulness and good job prospects. All you need is, to combine physical science that is mostly physics and other branches of chemistry with life science and apply economics to manage and handle fluid materials like Chemicals and completely transform them into a different but useful product and by-products as well as derive useful energy.

 Work of a Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineering is a combination of various working principles that makes it a highly crucial branch of Engineering for growth and development of the industry.

Engineering and overseeing of Chemical reaction

This includes initiation, management and processing of various Chemicals in the industry and labs like additions of reactants or catalysts, qualitative and quantitative analysis, time management as well as checking the products formed at the end of the process. This job requires highly technical people with proper knowledge of Chemical handling procedures.

  1. Process analysis and modification.Chemical Engineer

Chemical are responsible for various individual unit operations. They need to make sure that that each unit of the entire process is preceding flawlessly and efficiently. These unit operations include filtration, roasting, drying, crystallization, and various other Chemical processes. They are basically used for the preparation of reactants, modification in the Chemical reaction like separating products from impurities after the Chemical process is complete, recycling of leftover reactants and putting every Chemical in proper use.

Careers in Chemical Engineering.

A person having a Chemical Engineering degree can have many varieties of the job according to their field of interest. The profession you can have with this degree are:

  1. Chemical EngineerChemical Engineer
  2. Nuclear Engineer
  3. Energy Engineer
  4. Petroleum Engineer
  5. Product or process development scientist.

Apart from these, there are jobs like an analytical chemist, Energy manager, manufacturing Engineer, material Engineer or mining Engineer which you can apply for if you hold this degree. These are thousands of Chemical companies, some are giants like reliance or Birla groups while some are startup companies.  Apart from these, the most prestigious of all types of jobs are:

  1. Think tank- the brain of every company. The industry will pay for your extra specialization in this field and will make you donate your thoughts for the benefit of the company in return for high social and economical stability.
  2. Professor- moulding the brain of young “to be” Engineers is another prestigious job you can opt for. A professor post will not only give you stability in life but also, will increase your prestige in the society.

How to become a Chemical Engineer?Chemical Engineer

There are various ways in which you can become a Chemical Engineer. But you need to go through some basic steps to becoming a full-fledged Chemical Engineer, like having a strong chemistry background along with knowledge of other science branches.

The basic process of education prevalent in India is that clearing your 10th with good marks and entering science stream for the 10+2. Without science background, you are liable to get disqualified to appear the entrance examination.

For Chemical Engineering, you need to have the basic physics, chemistry, and maths as the primary electives at the same time you can keep it or biology as alternative electives. The eligibility condition for any engineering entrance examination all over India is 10+2 with physics, chemistry and maths. There are various types of entrance in India:

  • National level entrances for the government colleges and universities.

JEE is the popular entrance examination in which a large number of public and private universities participate and admit students that get the approved score and rank required for the admission process. Lots of central and state government, as well as private institutes, participate in the counselling process.

  • Entrance exam like BITSAT is a private entrance examination conducted by Birla Institute of Technology which admits students on the basis of its own pre-defined score and rank. It rarely takes students who have gone through other entrance examinations.
  • College like VIT also separately conducts its own entrance examination to admit students into their campus. You can apply for VITEEE if you are interested in Vellore Institute of Technology.

Some of the best universities all over the world for Chemical Engineering according to their rank are

  1. Massachusetts Institute of technology(MIT) in the United StatesChemical Engineer
  2. The university of California, Berkeley (UCB) in the United States
  3. Stanford University in the United States
  4. The university of Cambridge in the United Kingdom
  5. National University of Singapore(NUS)
  6. Imperial college of London
  7. California Institute of Technology in United states
  8. University of Tokyo, Japan
  9. University of Oxford, United kingdom
  10. Kyoto university, Japan

Apart from these universities, you can also apply for any university that offers Chemical Engineering as a course. Applying in foreign universities has different procedures to follow and other entrances to give like, English language exams TOEFL (for the USA) and IELTS (for Europe).

In India The best Universities that you choose to pursue Chemical Engineering are

  1. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), Mumbai
  2. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), DelhiChemical Engineer
  3. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, (IIT Kanpur)
  4. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, (IIT Kharagpur)
  5. Indian Institute of Technology Madras, (IIT Madras)
  6. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee)
  7. Birla Institute of Technology and science (BITS- Pilani)
  8. Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU), Varanasi
  9. Indian Institute of Technology(IIT Guwahati
  10. Indian Institute of Technology, tiruchipalli
  11. National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Mangalore
  12. Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  13. Motilal Nehru Institute of technology, Allahabad
  14. Malaviya institute of technology, Jaipur
  15. Vishvereya institute of technology, Nagpur
  16. Thapar university, Patiala

These colleges take students through the most widely used entrance that is JEE main and advanced, while some institutes prefer marks of 10+2 for eligibility in bachelor’s degree.

For master’s degree, you need a bachelor’s degree in this branch and a good score in the entrance exam like GATE, to get admitted to top notch public universities.

How much a Chemical Engineer earns?

Since Chemical Engineering is now on a higher demand rate than other branches, every company or industry, especially automobile and biomedical industries flock to get Chemical students working under them.  A Chemical Engineer can be paid anywhere between 12000 INR- 60000 INR per month excluding the incentives. A simple diploma holder can get lower salary as compared to a graduate holder. In short, higher the qualification, higher is the pay. At the same time, experience plays a crucial role in the matter.

Companies that hire Chemical Engineers

Usually, the companies that use Chemical Engineers are:


  1. Automobile industries
  2. Fertilizer plants
  3. Pesticide plants
  4. Cement factories
  5. Biomedical plants
  6. Oil refineries
  7. Coal mines
  8. Chemical factories
  9. Shoe factories
  10. Textile industries
  11. Polymers and material industries
  12. Pharmaceutical
  13. Paper and pulp industries

The top industries in India that hire Chemical Engineers are:


  1. BASF
  2. Exxon Mobil
  3. Shell
  4. Dow Chemical
  5. Sinopec
  1. SABICChemical Engineer
  2. ExxonMobil
  3. Formosa Plastics
  4. Lyondell Basell Industries
  5. DuPont
  6. Mitsubishi Chemical
  8. Aban offshore Ltd. 
  9. Bhoruka aluminium
  10. CALs refineries
  11. Chembond Chemicals
  12. Pidlite group of industries

Scope of Chemical Engineering

The Recent surge in demand for Chemicals and petroleum products as well as bio medical products has increased the demand of getting Chemical experts in the companies. At the same time, the demand has initiated the evolution of small start-up companies which are doing well in t
he race with other giants.

The constant need for conversion of energies, plant management, proper utilities of resources and evolution of new Chemical processes for an industry, increase the demand and scope of Chemical Engineering. A proper and accurate solution to all problems in relation with Chemicals is required in large scale all across the globe. The demand in not limited to India. All over the world, a fierce battle is fought among various Chemical industries to grab the top spot and get highest clients for their products. For that, highly expert Chemical Engineers are required to ensure their company’s steady progress by bringing up the new and innovative process, designs and products that are eco-friendly as well as cost effective.

How Chemical Engineers choose to work

Chemical EngineerUsually, Chemical Engineers work as a pack, under the guidance of an expert Chemical Engineer, for the evolvement of the design processes. For management or functioning of the Chemical processes, a small Chemical Engineer can accomplish the task effectively. In rare cases, a team of Engineers handles the management of Chemical reactions, especially the difficult and crucial ones.

Usually, Chemical Engineers, automobile Engineers, production Engineers and some researchers and analysts work harmoniously together to make the whole
process of obtaining the desired product, designing a process and the transportation of various volatile and non-volatiles reactants a smooth affair.

The important qualities of an efficient Chemical Engineer

  1. Possession of highly analytical thinking and should be able to come up with practical solutions to any process handling problem anytime.
  2. Should have immense knowledge on applied chemistry and thermodynamics and should effectively be able to apply them at the required time.
  3. effective organisational skills should be of greater level as well as the high amount of patience is required
  4. A Chemical Engineer should be able to conceptualize a process, reason well and come up with practical outcome altogether.
  5. They should be aware of keeping people and environment safety as the primary bylaw before designing a new process, or going for different reactions.
  6. The most important and common of all traits- efficient communication and interpersonal skills.

What to do after getting a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

There are many things that you can do after getting a degree from Chemical Engineering trade.

  1. You can go for campus placement and join any industry for experience and job.
  2. You can prepare an entrance for public sector jobs like which provides you with income as well as stability.
  3. You can go for higher education like master’s degree in a well-known For that, you can prepare for entrances like GATE which can get you into a good institution for Master’s degree.
  4. You can prepare for higher education or master’s degree in foreign universities, for which you have to go for various entrances like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS as well as GATE. A higher education foreign degree can redefine your educational background and improve it for the better.
  5. You can prepare for the management studies which are now at a higher demand in India. For that, you can go for entrance like CAT. A management degree after Chemical Engineering can get you manager jobs with better stability and a higher
  6. You can go for lectureship and apply for any teaching posts in any private or public universities. For that, a higher education is a must. Of course, you will be offered more salary according to your qualifications and job experience. At the same time, a new way to research and development opens up for further practice.

 Pros and Cons of Chemical Engineering


The common advantages of having a specialization in chemical engineering are:Chemical Engineer

  1. The Chemical Engineers get the chance to apply all the theoretical part of chemistry in practical use.
  2. Job prospects are high and stability is good.
  3. The work is creative and engaging.
  4. The requirement of Chemical Engineers in every core is a vital necessity. Their importance matters in many industry types who deal with Chemical conversions and processes.
  5. They must think about every possibility for the steps they are going to implement in their upcoming project. They need to be creative and research carefully before implementing anything. So this branch is not that boring as it seems.


The major drawback of this branch is that a Chemical Engineer is exposed to many hazardous Chemicals during working hours. They need to maintain some specific sets of safety instructions all the time.

Also, there are very few institutions India that provide quality education on Chemical Engineering. Recent study has shown that only 10-15% of Indian institutions provides quality education while rest others lack in something or the other.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineers work in core industrial zones to produce efficient products and Chemicals. They have mastered the art of conversion of different Chemicals through various methods and obtain completely different products that are highly practical for industrial use. The process of conversion can be a large-scale industry or a small one depending on the product that needs to be derived.  Those products can be anything, especially in this fast developing globe, every company needs highly efficient Chemical Engineers that would act as a catalyst for their industry like an automobile or biomedical industry.

Do you think we missed out anything? Feel free to comment below.


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