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How to Choose the Right Engineering College in India

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It is no wonder that engineering is one of the most sought after careers. Along with the stream of traditional education, it has extended as a high growth career in the advanced technological world. Undoubtedly, pursuing an engineering degree or diploma from the best engineering colleges in India becomes the first priority of the students even before they pass through their secondary education at schools. This shows that how large is the scope of top B. Tech colleges in India and how keen is the younger generation towards the practical field of creation and technology, often known as engineering.

However, one problem which seems constant for every generation is the choice of an engineering college or a right platform where the art of engineering can be learned in full throttle and potential. Yes, we are talking about the dilemma which every student faces after passing out from his/her school and that is ‘How to choose the right engineering college”. Understanding their state of mind, we decided to provide few methodologies and parameters which may serve them in sorting out their college choice easily.

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Select an Engineering Branch

It is an obvious fact that before choosing a college, you must be aware about what you want to pursue. So, the very first step one must do is to select an appropriate engineering branch for oneself on the basis of rank and expected score. This will not only help you eliminate the extra options, but will also help you assess the best possible choices in terms of best engineering colleges in India.

In addition, if you choose the stream you want to pursue, you will be motivated to do it with full passion and excellence and hence greater are the chances of your success. It is always advisable to research a number of variant streams along with their detailed curriculum of the top b tech colleges in India.

How to Categorize diverse colleges

Categorize Diverse Colleges

Once you are done with the choice of your engineering stream, the next possible step is to distribute colleges as per your probable rank and availability of the different engineering streams. So, sort out three other engineering streams which may come in your zone or you can pursue if in case you don’t achieve your desired stream.

The best way to categorize the colleges is to distribute it in three sets which are as follows:

Set 1

It should consist of the bunch of colleges which are top notch and are highly tedious and technical to get into. This set demands your extra ordinary skills to take a successful entry.

Set 2

It should comprise of the colleges which are above average and are suitable enough for you to take an admission happily. This set consists of majority of recognized colleges which provide affordable choices.

Set 3

It consists of the colleges which are mediocre, however, can work for you as the last option if nothing else works out.

List your Criteria

It is rightly said that writing down is always beneficial in stress. Same philosophy applies while choosing a college for you. The more you will write down your parameters and thoughts before your admission into an engineering college, the better it will be. So, try to list out all the parameters and elements which you find relevant while looking out for the best engineering college. This will help you weed out irrelevant options by providing a clear vision regarding your requirements. The following considerations should be kept in mind:

  • Coursework and level of degree offered (Diploma, Bachelors or Masters)
  • Geographical location of the college (Rural or Urban area)
  • Commutation time, fare and approximate distance from home
  • Affiliation (Government or Private College)
  • Tuition fees and room charges
  • State and center scholarships, financial aid and educational support
  • Infrastructure of the college (Advanced or Historical)
  • Physical assets of the college (Laboratories, Libraries and Internet Access)
  • Job placements and renowned internships
  • Associations and regulatory bodies
  • Teacher-student ratio
  • Hostel and accommodation facility
  • Quality of education, public authentication and reputation
  • Mass of students(community and cultural diversity)
  • Extra-Curricular activities promotion(Music, Sports, Fests and Clubs)
  • Faculty-members’ qualification, college status and performance analysis


Parameters to consider before sorting out the choices

Stay Aware about the Benefits

One of the best acts to consider is to be aware about the internal and true picture of the colleges you are considering or even dreaming off. So, the better your awareness is, the more beneficial it will be for you. Try to explore the educational systems followed in different colleges, the criteria for admission except entrances, the management and resource utilization, opportunities and the placements provided, tie ups and promotion of student skills, financial and educational support system, scholarships and merit holders benefits etc. It will not only help you to alter your decision if required, but will make you aware about the consequences in advance. 

Look for the Brand with Excellence

Some people may suggest you not to think about the brand of colleges and educational institutions. But, we would rather suggest you to consider a college with a good brand name and placement records. It is often seen that big colleges with branded reputation attract big associations and companies. This helps to provide a broad platform of achievement and success to students. It is not that students from government colleges or from less reputed institutions don’t succeed; the concept is that the absorption ratio will be very less and hence the struggle will be more. So, if your score allows, choose that college which is renowned in terms of its name as well as its placement and success ratio. This strategy will help you choose the best college out of all.

Earn a Good Rank

You must be thinking that nothing is in your hand while choosing a college. But, this is only half-truth. Certainly, you can’t control everything which is coming your way. However, one thing which is still in your hand is your score in the entrance exam. Study as smartly as you can with a well-balanced health and management skills. This will ensure your rank to surpass through all the above steps and you would get admission into one of the best engineering colleges in India. Make yourself eligible enough. So that a good engineering college in India offers you your desired stream by default. This will not only allow you to realize your passion and dreams, but will also open the doors of rest of the colleges too. The better your rank will be, the lesser will be the financial burden and more will be the happiness blended with your aspirations.

Ultimately we can say that “Life is beautiful with abundant opportunities for the ones who have the courage to look beyond the difficulties and circumstances. So, be the Best engineer of your life, and make it an antique artwork”.

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