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How to Cite Sources & Not Steal Other People’s Research

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Guidelines to Cite Sources

There is a very thin line between stealing and using other’s content. The content published by an author is one of the prime sources of students’ knowledge. That is why using the research of different researchers and scientists is quite common in our educational institutes.

The citation is one of the most important parts of every written assignment. Moreover, it is a compulsory requirement of universities and educational bodies to, cite the authentic sources of the information you are writing. For this, there are numerous private companies providing every type of citation services. However, if you want to learn how to cite the sources properly then reading the next lines could become handy for you when next time you have to cite the sources.

Read below to know how you can cite the sources so no one could blame you for stealing the content. You may like to read 8 Tips to Write a Marketing Research Paper.

When to Cite:

Before learning how to cite, it is important to know when do you have to cite. The easiest way of understanding when to cite is to cite every time when you quote any third party information in your writing. For your assistance, I am listing down some of the places where you should cite the source.

  1. When you quote directly from the source.
  2. In case you use the summary or paraphrase the entire idea, concept or opinion of a writer.
  3. When you use all the data, facts and information, you find anywhere used in your paper.
  4. In case you use images, visuals, graphs, and charts from somebody else’s research.

When to CiteWhen not to Cite:

Not all the information that you take from somewhere should be cited by a student. Information like common knowledge or the universal facts does not require any citation.

Types of Citation Sources:

There are also the types of citation sources which is important to understand before citing your sources in your assignments and dissertations.


Use of the firsthand information and quote it in your written job in their original form or digitized, reprinted and reproduce forms is called the primary citation sources. Materials like novels, letters, diaries etc. fall in text category.

Types of Citation SourcesSecondary:

When you use the primary sources and go one step ahead of the original story, this type of referencing becomes the secondary type of source. This includes the discussions, comments, and interpretation of the primary source.

Peer Reviewed:

It is the least used source method which usually gets utilized as an article in the medical and professional publications. Examples can be a list of the journal publication and author credentials or an abstract from a larger publication or sections like methodology, conclusion, and results.

How to CiteHow to Cite:

The method of citation and citation style varies from colleges and organizations. However, there are some basic rules which you have to follow in all the citation styles. For the in-text citation, the easiest method of citation is to give the author’s last name and the year of the publication. However, for the exact method of citation, you need to follow the style guide of your institution or organization.

One thing which is imperative while citing a source is to explain all the related aspects of the work clearly and concisely by writing it all in your own words. The nutshell of this discussion is to keep providing the reference to the work you have gathered in your research. This would ensure that your entire content and the information you are adding in it would not come under any doubt of copying or plagiarism. Checkout Research Paper Preparation – What Not To Do.

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By Julia Morison

Julia Morison is a head hunter and a research specialist at US-Based Digital Firm. She is a traveller, a blogger, a tech...more

Julia Morison is a head hunter and a research specialist at US-Based Digital Firm. She is a traveller, a blogger, a techie and a social activist. When not in her office, she spends her time writing and educating the masses. less

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