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Comprehensive Analysis of SNAP 2017 Exam

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SNAP 2017 exam for admission to various MBA programmes was conducted on December 17, 2017, at various examination centres across India. The question paper had four sections including General English, Current Affairs, Quantitative Ability and Analytical & Logical Reasoning with 40, 30, 40 and 40 questions in each section respectively. Candidates got 120 minutes to solve all the questions.

It seems that this year is full of surprises for the students who applied for entrance exams for management courses. After CAT, IIFT, and MICAT, candidates got another surprise with SNAP. With the exam, it has been proved that this year, the Non-CAT exams have gone really tough for the test takers. It was not just the computer-based exam that shocked the candidates but also the question paper that was way different from the expectations. SNAP 2017 exam paper was nowhere similar to the papers seen in SNAP earlier. Further, the question paper also had infographics in Reasoning section, which was completed unexpected for the test takers.

Students found this year’s exam a bit difficult. Logical Reasoning was tricky while Data Interpretation was comparatively more time-consuming. Similarly, Verbal Ability was tricky while RCs were easy to moderate. The only chance for the candidates to score high marks was with RCs. Data Interpretation was also easy as it did not have too much calculation and had 2 easy sets to solve. Overall, the main objective of the question paper was to check students on speed, analytical skills, and logic.

SNAP 2017 Exam Overall Analysis

Sections Overall difficulty
Quantitative Ability Moderate to Difficult
General English Moderate to  Difficult
Analytical & Logical Reasoning Moderate
Current Affairs Tough
Overall Tough

Section wise SNAP 2017 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2017 Exam Analysis – Quantitative Ability

This section had 40 questions where 7 questions were on Data Interpretation and 33 questions were on Quantitative Ability. This section took the maximum time of the students as it had lengthy and time-consuming questions. Given below is the table of the type of questions asked in QA with the difficulty level.

Topic No of questions Difficulty Level
Percentages, SICI 6 Moderate
Set Theory 1 Easy
TSD, Work 3 Easy-Moderate
Series 2 Easy
Number System 4 Easy-Moderate
Algebra 3 Easy-Moderate
DI-Pie Chart 5 Moderate
Averages 2 Moderate
DI-Line Chart 2 Moderate
Probability 4 Easy-Moderate
P&L 1 Easy
Geometry 5 Moderate
P&C 2 Moderate
Total 40 Moderate

SNAP 2017 Exam Analysis  – Analytical & Logical Reasoning

This section had 40 questions with all varieties of questions possible in LR. Three sets of Symbol based blood relationship, Interpretation from graph and Number based arrangement had 5 questions each. Card Game based 2 questions were the speed breakers in the LR section. The section also had some unique and new cartoon picture and physics knowledge-based questions. Overall, Logical Reasoning was also the time-consuming section with more newly formed questions and some quant questions like a chessboard.

Topic No of questions Level of Difficulty
Mathematical 10-11 Moderate-Difficult
Direction 1 Moderate
Meaningful word 1 Moderate
Blood Relation 5 Easy-Moderate
Analogy 2-3 Moderate
Input-output 1 Moderate
Visual Reasoning 2 Easy-Moderate
Clock 1 Easy
Series 2 Easy-Moderate
Game-Based 2-3 Moderate
Coding-decoding 2-3 Easy-Moderate
Matrix 1 Moderate
Verbal Reasoning 1 Easy
Misc. Reasoning 6 Easy-Moderate
Total 40 Moderate

SNAP 2017 Exam Analysis – General English

This was the only section where the test takers could take a sigh of relief. The section was a mix of vocabulary based, reading comprehension, grammar and sentence rearrangement based questions. The question paper had 2 very straightforward but lengthy passages with 6 questions each. The only tricky part in VA was Para jumbles, but it was also only for the students who didn’t practice grammar.

Question type No of questions Level of Difficulty
Synonym/Antonym 8 Tough
FIB (Vocab) 5 Moderate
Idioms and phrases 4 Moderate
Voice Change 2 Easy
Para Jumble 2 Easy
Verbal Analogy 2 Easy
Identify parts of speech 2 Tough
Word usage 2 Easy
Sentence correction 1 Easy
RC (2 passages) 6X2=12 Easy-Moderate
Overall 40 Moderate – Tough

SNAP 2017 Exam Analysis – Current Affairs

Current Affairs section was expected to have questions only on current affairs, but it also had a surprise element with questions based on last 15 days Business and Economic Affairs. The section had 30 questions on sports, business who’s who, awards and tech related news. Apart from normal news areas, this section also had questions on Game of Thrones, Olympics sponsor, Disney deal, SMAC, the New organ found in the body etc.

Topic Number of questions Difficulty
Personalities 7 Moderate
Sports 4 Easy-Moderate
Current affairs- Science & Technology 5 Easy-Moderate
Current affairs-Awards 2 Easy-Moderate
Business Awareness 6 Easy-Moderate
Current affairs-Miscellaneous GK 3 Moderate
Current affairs-Geography 3 Easy-Moderate
Total 30 Moderate

So overall SNAP 2017 Exam was slightly tougher than last year, but students who prepared well for the exam can still manage to meet the cutoff and get a good score in SNAP 2017 exam result.

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