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Control Your Marketing with Google AdWords

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By using Google AdWords in your digital marketing strategy, you can control both your marketing budget and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Adwords allows you to bid on the keywords that have proven to be most effective in reaching your desired audience.

You’re able to set you’re the limits of your marketing budget as it applies to a specific campaign or specific products in your company’s product line. This way, products that are more or less expensive than others in your product line will have marketing budgets that are appropriate to their value to the company.

Your marketing campaigns can, therefore, be evenly assessed for their effectiveness, without having to make allowances for differences in cost.

See the Entire Marketing Picture

Google AdWords also provides a wealth of analytical tools that allow your marketing department to have solid statistics as to the effectiveness of one type of marketing campaign versus another.

By seeing the entire marketing operations of your company in one large picture, you can accurately plan your marketing activities far into the future. You’ll also know exactly how each of these campaigns will perform before the fact.

Targeting Your Customer Base

By effectively choosing your keywords and ranking them according to products or specific demographic groups with your customer base, you’ll have the ability to micromanage your marketing activities over a broad spectrum of products and target customers.

The ranking of keywords relates to the monetary value of the specific keywords. Remember, with Google AdWords; you only pay when the keywords deliver results. This makes it easy to assign different values to different keywords.

The keywords themselves relate to the specific customers you’re targeting in ad campaigns. A marketing campaign that is targeting only older men would have different keywords than a general campaign targeting a wide range of customers. This ability to differentiate between keywords and assign them different values, allows you to design campaigns around the need to move specific products at different times of the year.

Your marketing department becomes able to make timely adjustments to your marketing activities that account for trends and yearly changes in spending habits.

Enables Smaller Companies to Compete

With the ability to spend according to your budget, Google Adwords allows smaller companies to assign limits to their marketing spending with which they are the most comfortable. This ability to scale the amount of your marketing budget, means you don’t have to pay huge sums to compete with larger companies within your industry.

And by using the analytical tools provided by Google, the money you do spend is used much more efficiently and provides results that justify the expenditure.

In this manner, you can run a series of ‘lean and mean’ aggressive marketing campaigns that can boost your sales significantly without the danger of over-spending.

Google Adwords is a tool that can level the playing field among competing companies. Whether you’re conducting the marketing campaigns yourself, or you’re using a skilled digital marketing agency to run them for you, every company should be taking advantage of the opportunities that Adwords presents.

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