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Countdown to Civil Services Mains – 20 days to go

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UPSC Mains exam

With the ever-increasing competition and the continued recession in jobs, pressure has only multiplied for the deserving candidates. For the ones opting for Civil services examination, the pressure is even more as the mains exam is around the corner. The Civil Services Exam is one of the most challenging and coveted exams in India. Lakhs of candidates, limited attempts and minimal chances of getting through; there is huge pressure on the candidates to crack the exam. This pressure may lead to anxiety, stress or even depression. But your willpower is the key to success.

With just a few days left to Civil Services Main Examination, it is important to stay calm and positive. And to do so, we share effective ways to keep your calm intact and spirits high.

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Acknowledge your fears

Attempting for Civil services exam attracts a high hope from people around us and hence we tend to get more apprehensive by our fears and lack of motivation. It is very important to rectify the areas which hold our fears. It may also lead to lack of motivation during our preparation. Some reasons could be family’s expectations, social and peer pressure, negative self-assessment or even the depressing stories from those who couldn’t make it. Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of your fears. So, what is scaring you?

Consider ways to deal with your fears

Do not let the fear of what could happen, make nothing happen. So, once you have acknowledged your fear, consider ways to win over them. Your family could always be requested to be your strength and not burden you with expectations. Peers could be avoided for good. And it’s just the matter of time. Figure out ways to deal with your fear factors and go for it. It’s just your time, make it or leave it (No, let’s not consider leaving, isn’t it!)

Eat, Sleep, Read, Repeat

The long hours put into preparation, leaves a huge impact on the aspirants. They are disconnected from the outside world, and get physically, emotionally, and psychologically drained out. Also, due to improper food, lots of stress, lack of rest; many aspirants end up having health issues. So, during preparation, it is advised to take corrective steps to avoid such problems. The first and foremost thing is to have correct food and to avoid starving or overeating. Do not push yourself to excessive studying with lack of sleep and rest. Find time for regular breaks, small walks outside and a proper night sleep. Also, avoid mugging up. Last few days of the preparation could be tedious and aspirants prefer mugging most facts rather than understanding the reason/logic behind. Try reading your subjects and understand what the words are trying to say. Sometimes simple reading in a relaxed mood can also help us remember a lot of details.


Do not forget to revise all that you have studied and stay updated with current affairs. Solve previous year question paper, practice writing, solve case studies, write essays. Do not try to read anything new at the last moment, just focus on revising everything you have studied till now. Do not stop reading Newspaper, read it and make notes out of editorials.

Meditate Music and Mingle

The magical M’s – When your passion and purpose are clear, you will find a way. So, breathe out the tensions and excessive examination pressure. Ease out. And try the Magic of 3M’s.


To get de-stressed, meditation is highly recommended. Meditation may have different meanings for different people. For aspirants, it could help heal from within and with the feeling of peace and tranquility. Choose your time, the purpose you already have and Meditate – It will help you travel to a deeper state of relaxation or self-awareness.


It is eternal and does wonder – A thousand words would make no difference and a single beat could pump up the spirits. Music is an eternal bliss and soothing music even while studying could help you relax and concentrate better on your subjects. Take music as your preparation partner, while you study with a relaxed state of mind. Try shaking your leg in between, if you’re fond of Dancing breaks. It will help you calm down and make your more cheerful than otherwise.


Try socializing. Love, friendship, and laughter are some beautiful things life gives us for free. Candidates tend to minimalize social contact, restrict their conversations and put themselves on a social boycott to concentrate on their studies. But socializing, speaking with people and getting more interactive, not just helps you relax but will also help you keep updated with current happenings. Most importantly, it will keep giving you breaks from the set routine of studying. Little conversations with loved ones will also keep you in a happy mood to deal with.

Keep up your motivation and find your ease at studying. Civil Services mains exam is tough but not impossible and lots of deserving candidates every year successfully get through of it. So, relax, you will make it work. Just have trust in yourself and nothing can stop you to achieve success.

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