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Coworking Office Space Furniture: How To Make It Work?

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Are you planning on launching your own coworking space? Customized shared working spaces are a lucrative business opportunity. Industry pioneer WeWork was recently valued at $20 billion, making them the seventh most valuable company in the world.

Coworking spaces are appealing because they’re an innovative, versatile and flexible alterative to the normal stuffy corporate office setup. That’s why they’re in high demand among startup entrepreneurs, freelancers, contracting professionals and digital nomads alike. Instead of looking for commercial property like office space for rent, most small business owners nowadays prefer to subscribe to a coworking space to save on expenses while promoting a culture of innovation. If you are planning on going big and investing in a new workspace that can benefit you and your employees, there are two options for you to consider. You could buy an empty office, or you could consider renting a fully equipped office space in NYC, in the heart of a city that will introduce your business to many new clients. When choosing a new office, you should always go for the option that fits the aesthetics that you desire to implement within the new company workspace.

However, the secret to making coworking spaces work is perfect furniture organization. Coworking space furniture has to be chosen and organized in a way that maximizes productivity while nurturing creativity. You also have to keep in mind that clients will be coming into the space for different purposes, so you need to incorporate versatile yet imaginative furniture organization strategies.  Read on to find out how to make your coworking office space furniture work for you.

Know your audience: 

Before you start purchasing furniture for your coworking space, think about your target market. What kind of ambience do they enjoy? Once you look into the preferences of your target audience, you’ll have a better idea of what the design of the space should look like.

You’re most likely to end up with a combination of minimalist, elegant, stylish and maybe even industrial elements, depending on your circumstances.

Have different sections: 

If your goal is to attract different types of entrepreneurs and contractors, then you should definitely consider diverse layouts for your coworking space. One section of the space could have a nice, laid-back feel with relaxed sofas and bean bags, while another section could have more of a structured office and desk setup for those individuals who thrive in an office-like environment.

The latter will benefit from lockable tables, as they allow the client to leave their working equipment “at work” safely locked away. Lockable tables are also soundproof and great at enhancing the experience of privacy within the coworking environment. The best part is that each table comes with an LED lamp for when someone wants to work at night, as well as built-in outlets, and space for your adapters and wires.

Don’t forget to dedicate one of your sections to creative types that enjoy natural tones, ergonomic furniture and edgy design. While you probably won’t be able to please everyone, you should have something for everyone so that your coworking space is welcoming to a wide demographic of your target audience.

Think outside the box: 

A coworking space is already unconventional, but you can take it a step further by incorporating an innovative indoor children’s play area to cater for clients who may have to bring their kids to work sometimes. The kids’ play area should have a lot of space and a wide variety of children’s toys to keep them entertained for long periods of time.

Also, consider incorporating some innovative pieces of furniture that will help to maximize the space for your users. Some good examples include:

  • IT Desks: IT desks are truly functional in every sense of the word. Most options feature a data enabled flip-top, a touchscreen, wireless chargers and more. Plus they’re available in bamboo and wood, with some options even offering a translucent finish.
  • Modular desks:  Modular desks are a flexible option that will enable your clients to customize the space to their needs. Lock tables are beneficial too, as they offer security and privacy.
  • All-in-one chairs: All-in-one chairs are so named because they’ve been designed to cater to the user’s needs as much as possible. They often feature an adjustable backrest, an LED lamp and even storage space.
  • Standing workstations: Standing workstations are a great idea too because they help to maximize productivity by allowing the user to work while standing. Some people like to alternate between seating and standing workstations so it helps to have that as an option in your space.

In addition to purchasing the right furniture and organizing in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way, it’s important to include plants, flowers and other design elements that bring a sense of nature into the space. Vibrant green plants have been shown to boost productivity, reduce stress and purify the air as well.

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