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CrackVerbal Fee Structure, Admission Procedure Review

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Founded in the year 2006, CrackVerbal provides training and support to GMAT/GRE aspirants. Read more about CrackVerbal Fee Structure, Contact Information, Batch Timing etc

Contact Information

For more information, click on CrackVerbal

You can also reach them at:


Phone: +91 9019199800 / +91 9008166800

Email: [email protected]




Crack Verbal offers assistance to GMAT and GRE Indian applicants.


GMAT Modules: Bangalore, Chennai, Online, and Personal Tutoring




GMAT Bangalore and Chennai: Classroom Course



  1. It consists of 33 hours of Verbal Instruction
  2. It consists of 35 hours of Quant Instruction
  3. A free workshop on how to apply to an MBA
  4. A One-year validity to the GMAT course


Study Materials:

  1. GMAT Question Bank
  2. CrackVerbal Quant Guide
  3. CrackVerbal Verbal Guides



Online Resources:

  1. Sectional Tests: 8 full-length and 150+
  2. GMAT Webinars: Access for a lifetime to all GMAT webinars
  3. OG Questions: YouTube explanations
  4. Doubt-Solving: Weekly Webinars



 More than just Classes:

  1. CrackVerbal provides support to its students in an unlimited way. You can contact their Academics team for any doubts or queries through calls, emails or face-to-face meetings.
  1. There is a very responsive academics team answering queries at their own discussion forum.
  1. Free access to numerous workshops and sessions related to GMAT and MBA, and also with B-school alumni.



Study Centres

  1. In Bangalore, you can find CrackVerbal at Koramangala, Infantry Road and Marathahalli.
  2. In Chennai, you can find them at Adyar.


GMAT Online Course:

Few of the features of this course are:

  1. The concepts, application and strategic tips are explained to the students by the CrackVerbal experts, through beautiful HD videos.
  1. More than 40 hours of HD videos for the GMAT Verbal/Quant Concepts
  1. More than 40 hours of HD videos for the Application
  1. More than 500 GMAT standard questions through exercises
  1. This course also provides you with live weekly online sessions with the CrackVerbal experts
  1. Personalised study plans according to a student’s need
  1. 3000 GMAT questions for the student to access and practice
  1. Continuous support through e-mails and calls till the time a student appears for the GMAT
  1. And, many more relevant and helpful benefits and services to the students


Duration of this course:


An access to the online course for one whole year, after you enrol.




Pedagogy and Salient Features of all Modules:

  1. The experienced competent GMAT trainers teach GMAT concepts in an interesting and unique way.
  2. The GMAT course is uniquely designed for the Indian aspirants of the test.
  3. A strong support system for the students is provided.
  4. Excellent GMAT score achieved by CrackVerbal students


The services provided by them are:

  1. MBA Essay Review
  2. MBA Interview Prep
  3. MBA PathFinder
  4. MBA Resume Review


The Free Resources provided are:

  1. Video Library
  2. E-book Library
  3. GMAT Forum
  4. GMAT Events
  5. Blog



  1. For GMAT Verbal Prep: $199
  2. For GMAT Quant Prep: $199
  3. Most Popular Complete GMAT: $299





GRE Modules: Bangalore, Chennai, Online, Personal Tutoring, Flash cards, and Mobile App


GRE Classes in Bangalore and Chennai:


Classes: The classes would include:


  1. Verbal Instruction: 30 hours
  2. Quant Instruction: 18 hours
  3. An option to retake the course at no extra charge
  4. Profile evaluation for MS done for free



Study Material: The study materials and resources would include:

  1. CrackVerbal Quant Guide
  2. CrackVerbal Verbal Guide
  3. CrackVerbal GRE Flashcards
  4. Official Guide of GRE ETS



Online Resources: Students are also provided with online resources:

  1. GRE Tests: 6 Full-length
  2. CrackVerbal GRE webinars: access to all of them
  3. All OG Questions: YouTube explanations
  4. WordToonz App: Access to it


More than Just Classes:

  1. Support to students by the Academic team through e-mails, calls or face-to-face meetings.
  2. A very responsive Academic team answers queries on the exclusive Discussion Forum.
  3. GRE Flashcards and CrackVerbal GRE Guides free to their students.


Pedagogy and Salient Features:

  1. The experienced competent GRE trainers teach GRE concepts in an interesting and unique way.
  2. The GRE course is uniquely designed for the Indian aspirants of the test.
  3. A strong support system for the students is provided.
  4. Excellent GRE scores achieved by CrackVerbal students.


GRE Online Course

Few of the features:

  1. The GRE concepts and drills on the concepts are taught through HD videos by the expert GRE trainers of CrackVerbal.
  2. Videos to help students with all ETS GRE questions.
  3. Weekly live online sessions for queries and tips on GRE by their GRE expert.



For GRE Verbal Prep: $99

For GRE Quant Prep: $99

For Most Popular Complete GRE: $125



Study Centres

In Bangalore: Infantry Road and Koramangala

In Chennai: Adyar


Free Resources:

  1. 15 Minutes Guide to GRE
  2. Free GRE Tutorial Videos
  3. GRE Forum
  4. Blog
  5. GRE Events
  6. Profile Evaluation for MS
  7. E-book and Video Library



CrackVerbal comprises of very competent experienced trainers, who use interesting teaching methodologies for explaining GRE and GMAT concepts to the students. The curriculum is specially designed for Indian aspirants of GRE and GMAT, which gives this test-prep company an edge over all the others. There are classroom options in Bangalore and Chennai, Online courses and personalised courses as well.

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