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Creative Leadership Defining the Role of Education in Today’s Time

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In businesses across the world, creative leadership is an important quality. It fosters a positive mentality and opens up markets to create better products for their consumers. Creative leaders can look at things in a nuanced manner and find solutions by seeing things that others don’t. Other words for creativity include terms like inventiveness, innovation, imagination, vision, originality, progressiveness, and resourcefulness to name a few.

All of these are qualities of successful creative leaders who are evolving our world today. Hence, the role of creative leadership has become vital to any organization’s survival in the ever-changing business and cultural climate that exists today.

Still, the biggest question is, is creative leadership limited only to reshaping organizations, its employees or it goes beyond that too? Does creative leadership also entail changing the mindsets of an organization’s future employees i.e. the students currently pursuing creative educations?

The Upcoming Challenges for A Creative Leader

All these questions were deciphered at Pearl Academy’s landmark event ‘What’s Next’ where the role of creative leadership and its role in education was redefined at this event.

“A leader is not somebody who will manage a change. Instead, a leader is someone who many expect to bring that change,” said Sharad Mehra. Mr. Mehra is the President, Creative Arts Education Society, Pearl Academy. He defined the qualities which a creative leader should imbibe. These qualities, according to him, are apart from the standard ones that probably the society has acknowledged. Thus, the skills that Mr. Mehra talked about in detail were:

  • Connectivism
  • Expertise in Technology
  • Ability to deal with humans and machines
  • Purpose and Permanence

However, the more pressing question still remains the same – what is the role of education for all the skills mentioned above? If we come to think of it, neither politicians nor the self-proclaimed leaders can create the leaders of tomorrow. So, who will take up this job and how will the process be executed?

The Solutions

If we want these creative leaders to form an overreaching future, then the magic has to begin from the classrooms. To achieve this, we have to treat teachers as influencers; we have to treat them as responsible personalities who are going to make the world a better place with the mind of a leader each day. In retrospection, we should focus on the teachers and train them on the process of building amazing leaders. They have to invest their time in learning to unlearn and make their students comfortable with unsafe thinking.

Teachers should also be well-versed with emerging technologies and should be experts in it. They should be trained in life skills before imparting those skills to the students. Technology, therefore, has to be a part of our curriculum, be it fashion, media or the design field. Education in that sense has to be disruptive.

The process when followed with utmost care, can help in creating a social impact with emerging technology and can bring about an academic revolution. As Sharad Mehra concluded, “This is going to be the biggest challenge for us, as we have to unlearn whatever we have been taught, so that the future of our industries, our society, and the country depends on what we do today. So do not just talk – tweet, doodle, debate, dream, and critique.”

Wrapping Up It All…

It is now upon us whether we want the creative leadership to revamp the role of education or continue with education defining the role of leaders like it always has. Academic revolution, if it happens, is bound to reverse this whole process. It could be a challenge for all of us at present, but it is certainly not difficult to see and create a promising #WhatsNext.

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