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Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) – Your Way To Job Success!

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Criteria cognitive aptitude test (CCAT) aims to measure your aptitude skills that are not mentioned in your CV. It measures your ability to solve problems, use and interpret new information and your thinking capabilities. Irrespective of your previous experiences, the CCAT will help recruiters gauge your interpersonal skills.

But Why Are Employers Interested In Measuring These Skills?

Since the criteria cognitive test will measure your ability to work in the tough situations and will also measure your ability to solve problems, it will help recruiters judge you on the basis of how quick learner and problem solver you are.


Besides, recruiters consider the test as one of the best measures to predict your performance on the job. Also, it’s more predictive than verbal interviews, educational background, and job experience, the reason why many organizations are offering online sample test to prepare for CCAT.

What Does The Criteria Cognitive Test Comprise Of?

The criteria cognitive test features 50 questions from the categories like verbal, logic and math and spatial reasoning. You have to complete the complete test in just 15 minutes, answering as many questions as you can. It would be likely not possible to attempt 50 questions in 15 minutes; the test is designed in a way so that only 1% of the people will be able to complete it.

Key Points Related To Criteria Cognitive Tests

  • There will be a total of 50 questions
  • You will be given 15 minutes only to attempt every test, which means less than 2 seconds on every question
  • There will be three sections of the test with verbal, reasoning, math and logic
  • You cannot use calculators in the test
  • Don’t run for attempting every question, as only a few candidates can complete all 50 questions
  • The recruiters will evaluate results on the basis of the total number of questions you have completed and your percentage score
  • Every different job position lies in a specific range of raw scores; if your score lies in that scale, you can be one of the competitors for the position

Tips on Criteria Cognitive Test

Read the instructions

If you have been skipping the instructions section in the eagerness to see questions, you are making a mistake. Don’t skip the instructions; it can have important information. In fact, read about everything and then plan your test strategy accordingly. The plan, which section you want to attempt first and which questions you will take at the end.

Attempt Questions You Have Hands-On Experience With

Not everyone is a master of everything; so first attempt questions you think you can quickly solve. Do not take, questions you think are tough or would take more time. Instead, plan your strengths and pick questions, which can help you score high.


Guess And Move On

If you get puzzled on a question that you think you can attempt but is not sure about it, guess. Although it won’t take any point or you will not get any negative score on this, it can add up to your score, if correct. However, leaving a question unattempted will not give you any score.

The process of hunting your dream job is tough; not only it’s hard on your self-esteem, but the job – hunt can also take a toll on many things. However, with CCAT, you can clinch your dream job!

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Andrew MCAdam

Jul 20, 2021

The CCAT practice test is a reasoning assessment used to determine whether a student is eligible to enter a genius and talented course. My Good Interview gives a different type of practice test.

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