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Critiques and the burden of expectations

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In all fairness and pure heart, I’m obliged to request whom-so-ever chances upon this account and decide to read it, to please refrain from doing so. These ensembles of thoughts in all honesty do not equate to any hearty tale, but rather speaks of utter disappointment, painful experiences and confused sentiments. If you chose to read any further from this very verse, I’d advise you save your criticism until the very end. For the dull pull of this piece might seem opinionated and its lingering pretext might lead you to judge me to be a prude.
“A university should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.” – Benjamin Disraeli 1804-81: House of Commons, 11 March 1873, said the little worn corner of the book I had been reading. The author had sought to drive home a crucial point on the precipice of a convoluted climax. Yet, even though the contents of that old hard bound are distant memory, the quote stuck like an awful drunk night tramp stamp in the small of your back.
Educational institutions in any form and grandeur, in principle have the primary duty to craft better ideas and forge the will to realize the greater thoughts. Even though, this seems idealistic at best in today’s pseudo- survivalist minds, it is the corner stone of every educational institution. Sadly, education in itself has been pushed into capitalistic gains, with the second smallest state alone, graduating about 400 teachers every term end. Not to leave out the scientific community and educational system (as it is conveniently left out from budget allocation and other developmental endeavors), we produce a surplus of doctorates which end up working as peons for bosses that forged their degrees at the same printout out let attached to the university.
This grim rise of “Degree mass production Inc.”forms my first rude abuse of expectations. The general idea with which one would base one’s scientific career is the art of research. This proves difficult, if one were to pack 30 or so students trying to run the same experiment in some poorly ventilated space. Limited resources and personal worth the size of the plunder of “Scrooge McDuck” creates communication gaps that even fevicol would not dare seal up. This massive batch size creates infectious problems, especially if you are a subsidiary running on the parent department with no proper lab (like ventilation) and procedural design.
Even though if you were to survive the heavy onslaughts of bad drama comparable to “Real housewives” re-runs, a superbug in your hostel water filter is probably the next bear grills survival challenge (not recommended, can cause serious un curable side effects – like death). These daily daredevil bouts shine their ominous spotlight onto the next demise of my expectations – the so called safe environment and common courtesy. Other than the burnt oil that gave us the morning samosas and the evening aloo pakodas, the general notion of cleanliness is just mere posters and an old lady using a dirty mop to push the molten bits of filth (like nutrient agar, which are generated due to extreme negligence as a side effect of lethargic stupidity, allowing growth of maggots) under the work tables. The sense of a clean learning environment is suspiciously absent. Though I suspect the former outcome is manifestations of absence of common sense in the most the involved cast, Hence the sticky situation.
I appreciate your patience in sticking with this sour venting this long, as we approach the end of these summarized thoughts, I implore you to stay your words against my presented arguments till the end or simply forfeit all together and let yourself know that you couldn’t read through the disturbing accounts of a shriveled (educational) institution.
As we reach the precipice of my relay of failed expectations and reasoned arguments for such occurrences, I would like to draw you attention to the final two – “learning” and “rules”. The scientific community including the education aspect associated with it implores the use of proper scientific language and phrasing. In short, repeat in a different ink what was memorized in sequence as indicated by your instructor. Though, this does not hold true to most of the instructors (professors), yet a faction of them assure us, the right way to show your genius is to know the right words but not the right meaning. The human element in communication of scientific intent greatly hampers the outcome of any said exercise, be it – exams or practical work records. This solidarity in expecting only a rigid form of analytics and reporting of data forms a great handicap, hampering free thought and scientific expression. This sentiment in itself is woven into the very fabric of the age old rules. The nonsensical stigma the ordinances pose is highly mind numbing. The ambiguity and lack of proper base research and design render them inefficient in times of legitimate contingencies. For example, if a student shall suffer a severe injury and fail to meet a project deadline, the extension period offers 6 months that demands a long term commitment interfering with previous research aspirations. These ordinances do not offer reprieve in case of such instances and would merely view the student’s predicament as collateral damage.
With this I ruefully end my discussion of consolidated shattered expectations. Let these notions be a warning, a guide through the infectious (literally) labyrinth a university offers. In that mere sentiment I invite you, to use the full extent of your critic to pick on the vanity and apparent bias nature of these arguments. But beware, like my humble appeals not to engage in this unyielding exercise that you disregarded to read this account, your arguments might be lost in the morbid hues bureaucracy, that smothered my expectations.

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