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Describe how you got hold of Alladin’s Lamp for a day and used it to help the people of your Village

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Alladin's Lamp

As my summer vacations had begun, my parents and I decided to go to our village Nani Khakhar in Kutch, Gujarat.It is a big village full of natural beauty .It is also known as ” Paris of Kutch” as it is well organised .

I was very excited as we reached the village since I was visiting after a long time . I started looking around on my way in the taxi .Oh ! How beautiful the nature was ! I noticed farmers working in their fields ,busy ploughing with their bare hands. The children running here there with very little education facility available . I also saw few women carrying heavy water pots on their head for drinking . Oh ! How I wished could help them .

After an hour of rest , I made few friends and we started to play. While playing, my leg hit something hard and I fell down . I saw something glittering like gold ,so I started to dig the earth . Then I slowly picked it up and Lo! I found a lamp ! I had heard stories about such lamps where on rubbing it, the smoke would come out and genie would appear in front of the lamp-holder. I always thought such stories to be fake . But , to my surprise, when I rubbed the lamp ,same thing happened. We all were scared . A genie named Kenny appeared and said ,” Oh master, tell me your three wishes which I can fulfil “.

Seeing Kenny all my friends ran away . But ,I mustered courage and thought of putting that genie to test. So I said ,” If you can really do so then, please give each farmer a tractor as it will be easy for them to plough the fields “. He blinked his eyes twice and said ,” Every farmer has a tractor now. Tell your second wish master”. Before telling my second wish , I quickly ran to my neighbouring house to ensure that it was true . To my surprise ,Mr . Ramkumar ,the farmer ,was dancing in joy as he just got a new tractor . I rushed back to Kenny and told my second wish . ” Kenny, I want a tap in everyone’s house and water should come 24 hours so that the villagers need not go long distances to fetch water”. Kenny then flicked his fingers and said ,” Oh master! what you said is done !” He said ,” Now comes the third wish . But be careful as it is your last wish “.

I thought for a moment and said,” Kenny I want you to make two schools where each and every child of the village will get free education “. The genie clapped at once and was done . He said ,” Master your all three wishes are done .I am really happy to help you as you asked wishes for the betterment of your village . So, you will always be blessed”.

I stayed in the village for few more days and saw how those things were really helping the villagers. As it is truly said ,” Happiness comes with sharing “. I experienced real bliss by helping those needy people of my village .

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Khyati Mehta

Mar 31, 2017

Well done Priyansh..looking forward to read more such beautifully written stories from you

blog image

Anish Munvar

Mar 31, 2017

Excellent positive post Priyansh Dedhia ...

blog image

Haresh Daswani

Mar 31, 2017

Very nice thought .we'll done priyansh

blog image

Kalpesh Shaah

Apr 01, 2017

Good one priyansh keep it up very well described our village and the needs for the villager's, good thought and wishes u made BETTA god bless you always

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