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Dispelling the Myths surrounding the IAS Exam

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There are many half-baked truths that revolve around the IAS exam, sometimes heightening the awe of it and sometimes adding to the woes of the aspirants. The IAS entrance has a distinct aura and prestige attached to it. Perhaps that is the reason why so many untrue facts travel from one mouth to another and create dilemmas for the students.

But we here will be dispelling all such ‘myths’ and confront them with ‘facts’ and ‘realities’.

  1. IAS exam is only for the TOPPERS, there is no room for MEDIOCRES

To qualify the IAS entrance, one needs intelligence. And intelligence is not measured by the percentage of marks you scored in Physics or Mathematics or the number of certificates you collected in your school years. It has varied aspects and anyone who puts in consistent efforts can acquire it.

  1. One needs to put his head into the books for 18-20 hours to qualify IAS exam

Mindless slogging is not required for IAS exam, smart and focused studies is. You don’t need to make your brain an encyclopedia of facts and figures. If you study with focus and consistency, you don’t need to surround yourself with books all day.

  1. One need not stick to the same optional subject for both Prelims and Mains

Though it is not mandatory to choose the same optional subjects for Prelims and Mains, doing so is highly recommended. One needs to do a thorough study of the chosen subject to qualify the Prelims. Choosing the same subject in Mains saves half the efforts and time.

  1. Aspirants need to mug up dozens of books, including all the NCERT ones

You just have to qualify the IAS entrance and not get a master’s degree in it. So, you don’t really need dozens of books to boggle up your mind. Pick some selected ones, check their language and quality and stick to them.

  1. There are some disadvantages for the non-English students

Vernacular languages are not an obstacle to clearing the exam. UPSC has arrangements for all students irrespective of their background and languages. Numerous students from non-English background clear IAS every year. You should pick a language in which you are comfortable and confident.

  1. IAS exam is easier for the ‘Early Birds’

Everybody falling within the prescribed ‘Age Bar’ stands an equal chance to join the Indian Administrative Services. In fact, many qualifiers cleared IAS in their last years of eligibility. You just need the correct plan and strategy.

  1. Writing Practice sessions and Mocks can be skipped

There are only a limited number of attempts for the IAS exam. So, you should not waste any merely due to lack of practice and wait for surprises in the examination hall. Practice is perhaps one of the most crucial factors in clearing the IAS entrance. You should prepare yourself fully before entering the exam hall.

Final Word – Though IAS is one of the toughest entrance exams, it is certainly not an impossible one. It has its own set pattern and approach and the aspirants need to follow it diligently. Smart work, dedication, and consistency are the key players here. Luck and chance follow afterward.


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