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Doing Homework Online– Here’s How to Know if a Homework Helper Website is Legitimate

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As a student, the rise of homework helpers online must feel like a blessing. After all, when you use a homework helper, you can find your homework answers with almost no effort! You simply create a profile, post your question, and wait for a tutor to bid on your order. From there, they will provide academic assistance and guidance to help you complete your school work.

However, the problem is that since homework helper websites are so popular and profitable, hundreds of these websites have now popped up all over the Internet. Now the challenge is to find which of these websites are legitimate websites that will offer quality services, and which ones are either content mills looking for a quick buck, or worse, flat-out scams looking for a way to steal your personal financial information.

Here are a few red flags that you should look for if you’re trying to authenticate a homework helper website.

1.      Look Closely at ALL the Content

This is the most obvious and simplest way to check whether a website – any website – is legitimate: check the content, both how it’s written and how it appears visually. While there are fake websites out there that are made so well that they are difficult to distinguish from legitimate websites, most scammers don’t actually take the time and effort to produce high-quality website for the purpose of scamming people. Scamming on the Internet is usually a numbers game; that is, the more ways you can create to scam people, the higher the chances of people actually falling for the scams. This means that scammers will produce loads of shoddy, hastily-created websites with poor grammar, stock photos, and broken English in the hopes that people will be too lazy or careless to actually check if the website is real.

A real website will always be proofread intensely, and in the case of a homework helper website, the copy and content must be impeccable! Otherwise, how can it claim to be able to help students with their academic work?

2.      Always See if the Website is Secure

A secure website will always have a URL that begins with “https//”, especially if it receives payments from its customers. It also shows a small green padlock on the right side of the address bar. Since homework helper websites are basically online marketplaces, they must be secured to protect the financial information of all their customers.

Google does some of the work for you. If it detects that a certain website is not secure, it will show a warning on your browser or your screen. This is a huge warning sign that you should immediately heed; leave that website immediately.

3.      Trust Seals are Important

Trust seals are basically small icons that you can find on a webpage that signifies that a website is protected by well-known and trusted Internet security companies. Some of the most popular trust seal badges include McAfee Secure, Rapid SSL, and Hacker Safe.

Yes, scammers can and do simply copy-paste the images of these logos and try to use them as a fake trust seal badge, however, these fakes are easy to spot. A real trust seal will have an outbound link towards the security provider website that confirms if the original website has truly earned the badge.

4.      Look for Contact Details

When you are on a homework helper website, always look for the company’s contact details. Even if it’s an e-commerce business, it should still have a physical address as well as multiple contact methods, such as a telephone number and company email addresses. These contact details should be prominent on the home page, or at least be on their contact page.

5.      No Third-Party Direct Contact

Any reputable homework helper website will insist that all transactions be made through their site. They will not allow you to have direct contact with any of their tutors nor will you be able allowed to pay these tutors directly because of quality control and transparency issues. If you are contacted by any of the tutors on any platform other than through the official homework helper website, this simply means that the website is not legitimate or the person calling you is trying to scam you.

6.      Trust Your Gut

In the online world, the best way to determine a website’s legitimacy is your own gut instinct. If a certain website is setting off any warning bells in your head for ANY reason, do not take any chances and leave immediately. It is easy to find another homework helper website that’s real.

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