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Do’s & Don’ts while preparing for your NEET 2019-20 exam

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Do’s for NEET 2019-20

1. Be a friend with your syllabus first

  • If you are preparing for the NEET exam, the first important thing you have to do before you kick-start your study is to know what you will be studying. This will help you to get a clear idea about your study material, the total time required for each subject, which books to refer, etc. Hence take some time to know your syllabus well so that you can start your study without any confusion.

 2. Prepare a timetable from start and follow it sincerely

  • This timetable tip is so much important yet so underrated. But if you want to see yourself as a professional in the medical field, you have to be committed with time. Prepare an effective timetable, divide subjects topic-wise. Everybody knows which subject is hard and which one is like a piece of cake for them.
  • Invest more time for the preparation of the subject in which you feel you are weak. For e.g. Bio is your forte and physics, numerical are hard for you. Then in such situations, you have to properly distribute the time so that you can give more time to the subject in which you are weak. Hence it’s important to prepare an effective timetable and also to follow it sincerely.

3. Be regular

  • See, the fact is NEET is such a tough exam, and if you want to pursue a career in the medical field then clearing NEET with good score is really important. So you have to be regular in your efforts. Time is such a precious thing, don’t waste it with laziness. Regular study, revisions & practice are the only ways to clear the NEET exam with good score.

4. Choose the correct study material

  • There are so many books available in the market for NEET preparation. But the important thing is to choose the correct & quality books among them. There is no point to surround yourself with so much study material and get confused with which to read.
  • So the better way is to take proper guidance from your faculties of college, coaching classes, and from previous years toppers if possible. Choosing the correct study material will help you to save from confusions and thus your time.

5. Work on your weak areas/subjects

  • It’s an obvious thing that some subjects are easy for you to understand and some are difficult. So don’t get panic that how you will prepare those subjects. The simple thing you have to do is practice more on your weak subjects. Whatever difficulties may arise, discuss them with your teachers, seniors. Clear your doubts and revise those topics on a regular basis. This will help you to prepare your weak subjects well and thus help to improve your score in NEET too.

6. Enroll for test series (online/offline both)

  • Without practice and regular studies, you can’t think about scoring high ranks in NEET. So, it’s better to do more practice. For this, you can join for the test series/mock tests provided by many well-known institutes of NEET both online and offline. Join them and solve the papers regularly. It will help to improve your speed, to memorize the topics which you have studied and to know where you need to give more attention.

7. Study with a positive attitude

  • Have faith in yourself that you can score high in NEET exam. Study with a positive attitude. Put your best efforts in your preparation. Keep yourself motivated and happy so that you can prepare well for your NEET exam.

Don’ts for NEET 2019-20

 1. Keeping yourself engaged with social media

  • Now, this social media thing is really distracting and if you are preparing for NEET exam which is really a tough one, it’s better to avoid social media.  Don’t even check notifications or feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp because it will consume so much time than you think.

2. Overeating or eating junk food and skipping your meal schedule

  • It’s important to stay fit and active both mentally & physically for your NEET preparations. Eating junk food, overeating and skipping your meal schedule won’t help you to stay active.

3. Compromising with the sleep

  • Taking enough amount of sleep plays an important role in keeping your brain functioning well and refreshes your mood so that you can study well without stress. At least 5-6 hours of sleep daily is necessary.

4. Studying by lying down in bed and getting panic

  • Now everyone knows that if you are studying by lying down in bed, you will end up feeling lazy & sleepy. Studying in such a way is not a good choice for sure. When you panic you start to make mistakes and forget the things. Hence, don’t panic if you don’t remember or recall the topic which you’ve studied.

5. Studying for 5-6 hours in a continuous manner

  • It has been proved from the research that continuous study for the 5-6 hours can affect the proper functioning of the brain thus resulting in not memorizing topics which have been studied previously. Hence, prepare for the exam as per a prudent and structured methodology which most probably you must be doing.

If you follow these Do’s & Don’ts properly, study hard, practice & revise regularly. Consequently, we believe you can surely perform well in your NEET 2019-20 exam and can achieve high ranks.

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