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Easy Tips to Prevent Back Injury for Students

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Injuring your back is one of the most common health ailments that involves an excruciating recovery process with a debilitating effect on your ability to work.  Unfortunately, hurting your back is very common these days due to our hectic lifestyle. Prevention is the key to avoid lengthy and often painful treatment. Most back injuries occur when you misuse your back. As such, it is essential to practice a few basic rules on lifting, exercise, and posture.

1.  Make a habit of exercise daily.

The strength of back and stomach muscles are essential to free your back from strain throughout each day. Simple back-toning exercises strengthen your back and reduce stress. Such activities can improve your appearance, as well, so you get dual benefits.

2. Lose weight.

Excess weight and a large belly create added pressure on the back and stomach muscles. Your back compensates for the extra weight in your belly by bending backward. This results in too much strain on your lower back muscles, causing your posture out of alignment. Losing weight can lessen the burden and pain in your back.

3.   Maintain good posture.

A good posture is essential, especially while awake or asleep. Many back pains can be prevented by learning to stand and sit properly. You can also help prevent back pain by sleeping on the right mattress in the correct position, and even while driving.

4.  Stand tall and straight

You should keep your head up and your shoulders back while keeping your neck aligned with your body.  Don’t slump over in a slovenly posture while sitting.  Slouching in this manner would cause the back ligaments (not the muscles) to elongate, and they will begin to hurt, putting undesired pressure on the vertebrae

5. Sit up straight.

Sitting in the right posture is one of the best bet for ensuring a healthy back.  While sitting, place your back against the chair and put your feet flat on the floor. In this position,  keep your knees a tad higher than your hips. Sleep on a firm mattress. If you want, you can place plywood between your box spring and mattress. Either way provides adequate back support. A soft mattress could bring about a back sprain or swayback (abnormal sagging of the spine); if a hard bed is not your cup of tea, look for mattresses that are posture tested and ask the salesperson to find a mattress that will provide support and comfort – be prepared to pay a little more for this but it is worth it for your health’s sake. You can also check mattress reviews online to decide the most suitable choice for you.

6. Try to sleep on your side with your knees bent

You must try to sleep by bending your knees or, sleep on your back and place a pillow under your knees; this is especially helpful for pregnant women and those who are overweight

Even while you are driving, you should put your back against the seat and sit close to the wheel so that your knees remain bent slightly higher than your hips.  You can also use small seat cushion rolls to help prevent sagging back into the base of the car seat.

7.  Lift heavy objects properly.

If your lifting techniques are improper, it will give rise to unnecessary strain on your back and surrounding muscles area.  It is crucial to plan every lifting well before in advance to prevent the possibility of sudden muscle pull. It is always essential to do an internal analysis of the weight in your mind to see whether your body can comfortably handle it or otherwise.

So, as you can see, by following the above mentioned simple to follow tips, you can prevent hurting your back with an injury.

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