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Education Careers: Six Jobs You Should Know About

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Careers in education are not just for people who want to teach. Indeed, there are many types of jobs in education administration. As an administrator, you can have a major impact on school policy, or make important contributions to a school’s infrastructure. While you may not engage directly with students, your work can positively affect their learning outcomes.

If you are considering a career in education administration, but aren’t sure what role you want to pursue, read on to learn about six jobs that may be a good fit.

1. Provost

A provost is an administrator at an institution of higher learning that serves as the second-in-command to the president. This person is typically responsible for assisting in planning and implementing the institution’s educational mission and goals alongside the president.  

However, unlike a Vice President for Academic Affairs, another similar senior administration position, a provost traditionally oversees operations, and is often charged with managing budgets. This position typically requires a master’s or doctorate in education.

2. Superintendent

If you are interested in leadership roles at the K-12 level, you should consider becoming a superintendent. Superintendents report to the board of trustees for their school district and are responsible for developing and implementing educational policy for their district.

While the high-profile position typically earns a six-figure salary, the work is intense. You are the equivalent of a C.E.O. and required to work long hours and weekends. Superintendents face scrutiny from the school board, administrators and teachers, as well as community members. Superintendent roles frequently require a doctoral degree in education.

3. Enrollment Manager

A lesser-known education administration career is in enrollment management. These administrators are responsible for creating equitable enrollment and retention policies and practices at universities or independent schools. If you are interested in ensuring access to education and financial aid, this may be the position for you. 

Enrollment managers are in high demand, especially as enrollment trends change and schools re-think their admission policies. As the calculation of enrollment factors becomes more complex, earning a professional certificate in enrollment management may be a smart idea.

4. Vice President of Student Affairs

Another lesser-known education administration role in institutions of higher learning is the vice president of student affairs.  This person develops educational policy and academic programs for their institution.  The vice president of student affairs works closely with the institution’s academic departments to create student curriculum, budgets, and supplementary student programs.  As with other education administration careers, a graduate degree in education is typically required.

5. School Principal

School principal is probably the most widely-known K-12 education administration positions, and is a popular choice among professionals seeking a career in educational leadership. 

Principals oversee the daily operations of their school site within a school district and report directly to the district’s superintendent.  A principal is a key leadership position and has constant interaction with the school site employees, students, and community members.  A career as a school principal will also require a graduate degree in education.

6. Instructional Designer

Instructional designers create innovative learning environments in the classroom. Typically, they work in higher education, collaborating with professors on how to use technology to make a lecture or activity more accessible, or to provide additional uniqueness and excitement.

If you’re interested in technology or adept at creating media, you can easily apply your skills in this role. Instructional designers also play an important part in online education, designing and supporting portals for online classrooms.

Final Thoughts

If you’re passionate about education, remember that you have more career options than teaching. While leading a classroom can be highly rewarding, it’s not the only way to make a difference in students’ lives. Education administrators can influence policy and increase access to education for learners as well.

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