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Education For Gen-Next: How Learning Has Evolved For Tech-Savvy Students Of Today

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From white boards to smartboards and textbooks to laptops, digital technologies continue to propel K-12 education forward.  Better access to information and various types of course materials create a more collaborative and dynamic learning experience.

The tech-savvy learners of modern times are accustomed to instructors utilizing technology to bolster curriculum and coursework. In fact, a majority of students understand that digital materials help solve issues they face during learning. Also, several students also expect the onus to fall on the educational institutions to shift from print to digital learning tools.

Digital learning has proved to be a great facilitator of education by enhancing classroom engagement, improving outcomes and encouraging innovations. Learning has no boundaries, and embracing new technology expands education’s reach. Ryan International School understands this, and is consistently innovating to create more effective ways to enhance the classroom experience for its students.

Children today, appear to be hard-wired with a tech-savvy gene. They are already swiping and pinching touch-sensitive screens even before they learn to speak or walk. With the speed at which an all-encompassing range of gadgets and technology have entered every aspect of human life, directly influencing the ways of the world, it is not surprising that children are evolving smarter and sharper than their parents.

With the help of industry experts, Ryan International School has developed a special Class-board App called Plato (Personalized Learning & Assessment Tool). The app can be personalised to each student, allowing him/her to refer to courses, chapters and assignments through various e-learning modules. It even allows access to lab experiments and track extracurricular activities.

Moreover, at the “Bring Your Own Device” locations in the school, students can bring their own devices to the class and learn seamlessly across platforms using Microsoft OneNote classroom model. To imbibe basic and advanced levels of technology, there are special modules to help them learn to code. At several Ryan locations, the classrooms are Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with Smartboards that will be connectable to personal devices, Plato and Google Drive.

For teachers, Plato & BYOD model comes through as an efficient way to share lessons, special interest workshops and assignments to foster the personalised learning & collaborative learning scenarios. From a logistics point of view, they can monitor attendance, share daily homework and assignments, activity photos and other updates. Using the app, they can also keep a track of every student individually, assess their performance and suggest suitable course corrections to ensure that even the slow learners get a chance to catch up.

Over and above, the Ryan Parent App facilitates smooth and instant communication for active parent involvement. Teachers can mark attendance, assign homework to students, share updates on parent- teacher meets, event photos and pictures. The app generates report card and flags the need for additional support as and when required.  In addition, the app also facilitates online fee payment, which has become the need of the hour.

A technology-infused learning environment that prepares the learners for the future is what the tech-savvy students and parents of today want. Hence, we don’t just have to remain updated ourselves – we also need to ensure our students stay ahead too, and are ready for the challenges that lie ahead of them.

By engaging the curiosity and unique skills of the tech-savvy minds of today’s young learners, educators can reinforce and carve out the distinguishing traits of this generation which they can take forward towards building even more efficient learning ecosystem but more importantly, in repairing a world that is crying out for more awareness and attention.

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