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Engineering Colleges Need To Bridge Skill Gap In India

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engineering colleges need to bridge skill gap in india

There have been numerous studies and reports being published in the online and offline media about how there is a severe skill gap that exists among the engineering graduates in India. These reports go as far as to say that 80% of the fresh engineering grads are unemployable. These are pretty bold claims and are extremely troublesome if there really is any merit behind them. So, let us dig a little deeper into the world of engineering education in India to know what these skill gaps are and how they can be eradicated.

India produces approximately 1.5 million engineers every year. These graduates have hopes of working for some of the big names in Indian tech and even have aspirations to go abroad to the silicon valley and make their career dreams come true. It should be noted that India produces more engineers than the top super powers like USA and China. With such vast numbers engineers, the question that has recently been rising is of quality rather than quantity.

Below are some of the commonly believed reasons why our fresh engineering graduates are being considered unemployable –

1)Too much focus on theoretical studies

Our education system’s biggest flaw is perhaps the fact that we have always focused more on theory than practical. In other developed countries, students in the field of technology have just as much practical training in their respective field as they are imparted theoretical knowledge. This sort of practice needs to be adopted here as well.

2)Lack of Internship Opportunity

An internship teaches students about the corporate world. It helps them understand the expectations of this world and gives them a much-needed taste of the real world. Many institutes in India are lacking this initiative of providing internship opportunities to our bright minds. Without having this vital experience, these grads have no idea what is waiting for them when they leave the safe cocoon of their college campuses.

3)Final Exams rather than Overall assessment

Indian education system has always revolved around exams. Whether it is the students or the professors, everyone is focused purely on clearing the final exams. No one really cares about how a student develops and learns during the year. There should be assignments that are given throughout the year and students should be graded on their performance on those assignments. This system will be effective as it will not force students to just cram a night before the exams but to truly judge who is actually learning something.

4)Lack of quality educators

A big truth that very few people like to admit is that a large portion of the faculty at various engineering institutes lack the basic competency to teach. It is one thing to have knowledge but quite a different thing to know how to impart that knowledge. The incompetent faculty is of two types – those who do not know the what they are teaching and others that know what they are teaching but do not know how to teach it. In both cases, it is the students that end up suffering the most.

The real victims in this scenario are not the corporations that seek candidates. These companies will always find the candidates they are looking for even if they have to hire them from abroad. The real victims are the students that are shown dreams throughout their engineering studies about how they will embark on a great career after graduating. When they sense their careers crashing and burning, simply because their college did not prepare them for the corporate world, they are left feeling helpless and choosing jobs that have nothing to do with their line of study.

While choosing from the top engineering colleges in India, students must choose one that gives them practical exposure and real world experience. Get to know about the faculty as well, their qualification, their experience in teaching or the corporate world and also check about the internship and placement opportunities that they may provide.

These students are the future of our great nation and colleges need to take notice of these current situations and help bridge the skill gap that can help our graduates become employable not just here but anywhere in the world.

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