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English Assignment Writing Guide

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Writing an English Assignment isn’t easy. But it isn’t hard either. Your chances of success will depend on your determination and the amount of effort you are willing to sink into your work.

Most English assignments can be accomplished by simply following these steps:

1). every college assignment starts with a plan and an English assignment is no different. Start by determining your deadline. How much time do you have to finish the assignment? This will impact your schedule.

The shorter the deadline, the tighter the schedule will be.

2). With English assignments, comprehension is very important. You need to make sure that you understand exactly what is expected of you. If you have the freedom to select your own topic, make an effort to find a subject you truly understand.

If a question has been presented to you, read it multiple times to ensure that you understand it. Better yet, get a piece of paper and write the objective of the assignment down.

Words like “analyze” and “compare” are very important because they will tell you exactly what you need to do. Some assignments have restrictions. Look for those. The easiest way to fail an assignment is to cross the lines a tutor placed around your topic.

3). Once you know what you need to do, you can start doing research. Use the internet to find all the literary sources related to your topic. Though, it might be easier to talk to your teacher or even an older student.

They can provide you with a comprehensive list of all the literary sources that pertain to your assignment.

4). Once you have done the research, you can produce an outline of your assignment. This will give you a structure to follow. If your teacher hasn’t given you any specific instructions on the layout, you can experiment until you find an option that works.

Otherwise, do as you’re told or as the topic suggests. The average English Assignment has an introduction, a discussion section, and a conclusion. The introduction should be brief but attractive.

It should also present the idea of the discussion you wish to have and any conclusions you reached.

The discussion section is obviously the largest of the three. This is where you explore your topic as instructed. Again, the structure you use will depend on your teacher’s instructions or the demands of the topic, unless you have been given the freedom to do as you please, in which case you can experiment.

The conclusion is supposed to summarize and cement your argument.

5). Drafting your outline will compel you to go over your research once more with the intention of making sure that you have all the information you need to populate each section of your assignment.

Once you are finally secure in the knowledge you have gathered, you can proceed to do some actual writing.

This is a simple matter of filling the gaps in your outline with information. Do not think too much about your writing at this point. Just put all your ideas down. Write freely. Do not be distracted by the fact that your work isn’t coming together as beautifully as you anticipated.

This is just a first draft. Focus on getting it done. Before moving on with the next step you may want to have someone look at your paper if you think that you need assignment help.

6). Once the first draft is complete, you can start fixing it. Read through your entire document. Identify all the spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure your paragraphs and sentences flow.

If you can’t find any errors, step away and come back one or two days later with fresh eyes. Once you are satisfied with your writing, go back to your question. Look at the objectives it asked you to execute.

With the question/topic in mind, look over your work again and determine whether it answered the question comprehensively.

Make sure your assignment has been formatted appropriately. Does it have the right font? Has it been indented as required? Does it have a title? All college assignments must be formatted according to the standards set by your institution unless the teacher says otherwise.

Simply failing to number your pages could earn you a failing grade.

Once you have edited and proofread your assignment, and you are confident in its quality, specifically the fact that it has adequately answered the question you were tasked with exploring, you can go ahead and submit it.


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