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Essay Writing Service: Reasons Why It has Got More Popular In The Past Decade

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Freelancing jobs are more popular than ever. Many of these jobs are essay writing services. Originally, these services were meant for businesses. However, they are now available and affordable for students. Their purpose is to help customers address any writing problem. One noticeable thing though about the service is that it is getting more popular in the past decade. In this article, we look at some of the reasons behind this trend.

  • Internet connection

Thanks to the growing internet connection, essay writing service is now more popular. Previously, only developed countries had good network connections. But, in the past decade, things have changed. Even remote areas in developing countries are getting an internet connection. This has increased the number of people providing essay writing services. Also, the number of people accessing these services has increased. Students from across the world can now use essay service to improve their learning. By just searching for essay writing services, customers get thousands of results. They can then choose easily one of the companies and get the writing help they need.

  • Quality work

Most essay services are providing quality work. This has made more people use the service making it popular. For quality work, writing service do a lot of work. They take potential writers through a rigorous recruitment process. First, the writers are required to submit credentials. This includes sending curriculum vitae. This is aimed at proving their professionalism. There are also other tests that help in identifying well-experienced writers.

With such writers the service providers are able to guarantee satisfaction. Customers are assured of originality. With expert writers, the issue of copy-pasting work is unheard of. In addition, these companies have online plagiarism detection software to ensure all the content delivered is 100 % plagiarism free. These writers are able to create a paper from scratch. They know how to do research and produce a unique and original essay. This increases customer satisfaction and eventually confidence in hiring writing service. This attracts more customers making the service more popular.

  • Affordability

Today, writing services are affordable. They are cheap because there are many service providers. Students don’t have to dig deeper into their pockets to get the services. This is a key reason why many students are seeking services. However, ridiculously cheap services may not guarantee quality work. Such companies may be fraudsters. Students should thus be careful when choosing companies to work with. It is better to pay more and get high-quality work. Poor service may cost you a graduate program or worse.

  • Convenience

For students, essay writing services give then the help they need with less struggle. For example, if a student doesn’t know how to format an essay, traditionally, they will have to physically go to a friend or to an instructor for help. Today, things are different. They only need internet connection. Writing services are giving instant help. Your writing problem can be addressed in your comfort zone. You don’t have to wait for your professor or friends until they get free time for you. You just search essay services and connect with professionals who help you with the essay.

For writers, essay writing services, gives them the freedom to control their workload. They get to set their working schedules. This convenience is what has made essay writing service more popular.

  • Social influence

We asked 10 students why they use essay services. Most of them mentioned social influence. Their friends had benefitted from the service. Seeing friends scoring better grades after using writing service encourages other students to seek help. As a result, more and more people use the service. This makes the industry more popular. “Were it not for my friend scoring better grades I wouldn’t have known about essay service,” says Mark one of the students we interviewed. Social influence has made essay writing service spread in schools like a virus making it more popular across the world in the past decade.

Essay services will be even more popular

Essay services help students improve their learning. On the other hand, they help writers earn a living. Over time, competition will grow among service providers. Companies will have to provide highest quality to retain customers. The pressure will increase. High-quality services will be in high demand. Prices will also have to be very affordable. As a result, customer satisfaction will increase leading to the demand for these services.


Schools’ demand for essay assignments will always exist. This means that students will always need help to write quality essays. Where else can good help come from apart from writing service? This is bound to make the industry more popular. Similarly, the growing number of professional and well-experienced writers will continue to make the writing industry more popular. It is however important that writing services continue to offer quality content if they are to maintain their position in the market. Any compromise on quality will reduce this popularity. No customer will be willing to spend on a service that gives low-quality products.

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