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Ethics, Integrity & Civil Services

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Ethics, Integrity & Civil Services

Eyeing Civil Services as your career option? Give your New Year the perfect start by spreading wings for the dreams you have woven for years now!

Civil Services is the job of honor. The prestige and respect, a Civil Administrator receives is beyond comparison. But being a public name comes with its own share of pros and cons in each sphere of the Civil Services career. Effectively serving a society, while also unscrambling the prevailing issues, is a task that needs dedication in all the true sense. You will always be judged, at every step. What makes you outshine is still maintaining the dignity and enthusiasm of the work. On this note, let’s learn the importance of Ethics, Integrity etc. to keep up this dignity & excel in the prestigious Civil Services.

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Be Aware of the Prominent Civil Servants

Students and aspirants aiming at Civil Services as a career with the sole purpose of serving the society for real must be aware of names that have earned justice for their role as a Civil Administrator. One such name is Sanjukta Parashar, an IPS officer first posted as the Assistant Commandant of Makum in 2008. She was responsible for controlling the clashes between Bodo and illegal Bangladeshi militants. Best known for taking down 16 militants, arresting over 64 and seizing tons of arms and ammunition in just 15 months, such are people who make us proud and give high goals for life as a Civil Administrator. The candidates aiming for Prelims 2018, this is the right time to assess your preparation and get a real-time experience of UPSC before going for the final quest.

Practice Ethics & Integrity

An ideal Civil Administrator will not just abide by the rules, regulations & laws but is the one who strives to works in true regards for public service and moral government. As a civil administrator, your ethics & integrity will help you uphold high personal and professional standards in all circumstances. By ethics, here we mean cohesion of honesty, patience, empathy, compassion and moral principles governing your actions and social behavior; whereas integrity is upholding these ethics strongly in your actions and practice this discipline in your daily routine. Honesty, when practiced with truthfulness, will result in a fair and straightforward conduct of your duty towards the society. Patience is the most important tool for effective civil administration while dealing with distressed situations. Empathy and compassion enable you to imagine the suffering of people you need to serve as an administrator.



Start Right Now

As a Civil Servant, you will come across many situations wherein, you will be expected to take immediate actions and a minute’s delay can leave you with regret for one or more lives. At present, you are at a stage where you can inculcate the right administrative traits in regular practice. So that when the situations like these arrive, you will be already ready as to what should be the most ethical step at that very moment. You should start practicing social services as a human from this very moment. You may not have rights and powers of that of a civil administrator but you can always carry humanitarian actions.

Examples of Humanitarian Actions


Examples of Humanitarian Actions

If you can create a temporary shelter for stray dogs or share a spare blanket with roadside dwellers, report wrong-doing to the relevant authorities or even stop a person from committing a crime, you have already started doing your bit. A civil administrator will always be in the moment and be vigilant to everything happening around. Once or twice you might also be hated or blamed for poking in. But with constant and genuine efforts you can put a full stop to these bad happenings. If you are not acknowledged, you will still be able to face the pure soul smiling within you.

Peace of Mind and the Sense of Gratification is the Award


Peace of Mind and the Sense of Gratification is the Award

Civil servants should have highest standards of integrity during the course of their service. If you believe you can make a difference by public service then you have to understand that you are never going to get approval from everyone around. It has to be your sole discretion to take up the causes and work on them. As a civil administrator, you have all the power and sources to engage in activities to bring a positive change. A small drop of effort will add to the ocean of humanity & constant pouring in it will bring about a major change someday. A priceless reward for you will be the peace of mind and the sense of gratification. Our society deserves a little bit from each one us. It’s time we pledge for our bit towards the society and uphold the spirits of Civil Services.

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