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ETOOS – IIT JEE Fee Structure, Admission Procedure and Review

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etoos energy to succeed!

“Etoos” is a South Korean Company which is widely known for its excellent performance in the field of education. After tasting success for over 20 years and establishing a proven track record, it has ventured into the Indian market under the name “” to provide performance enhancing learning opportunity to students by collaborating with top faculties of KOTA.. Etoos has provided impetus to the online coaching industry in India which will surely flourish in the upcoming years. It has already created a niche in the online education market by attaining the student strength as high as around 10,000 and still counting.


Crack JEE Main & Advanced with experienced faculties of Kota. All Courses of are focused and simplified for JEE to bring forth an easy and analytical methodology towards Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics for the students. There are numerous courses available subject-wise and topic-wise which helps the learners to study according to their requirement. Three of these courses are listed below:

Nitin Vijay (NV Sir) XI, XII, XIII JEE Complete Physics for Main & Advanced by NV Sir 1 year VOD – Rs. 22,500

Mobile– Rs. 22,500

DVD – Rs. 25,300

USB – Rs. 25,800

Jitendra Hirwani
(JH Sir)
XI, XII, XIII JEE Complete Inorganic & Physical Chemistry for Main & Advanced by JH Sir 1 year VOD – Rs. 18,000

Mobile– Rs. 18,000

DVD – Rs. 20,800

USB – Rs. 21,300

Manoj Chauhan
(MC Sir)
XI, XII, XIII JEE Complete Mathematics for Main & Advanced by MC Sir 1 year VOD – Rs. 15,000

Mobile– Rs. 15,000

DVD – Rs. 17,800

USB – Rs. 18,300

Book – Rs. 4,000

Notable features

  • Interactive Video Lectures: Etoos-India provides interactive video lecture to its students explaining a concept in a simple manner with the use of innovative techniques. This leads to higher retention power and makes them efficient.
  • Flexible course structure: Etoos-India lets a student pick up not only a particular faculty but also a topic over the entire course. You can choose the course which suits you the best depending upon your need and understanding.
  • Anywhere, anytime access: With Etoos-India students can study anytime and anywhere as per their convenience, that too in the comfort of their homes.
  • Nominal Fee: Etoos brings in affordable courses for students learning in India which is
  • Practice Perfect: There is no substitute for daily practice. With Etoos-India’s video lectures you can play, replay till the time you understand the concept and are able to apply it well.

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Etoos India has pretty much revolutionized the field of online coaching for JEE aspirants. They provide video lectures in a lucid manner that clears the concept very easily. The biggest advantage is that a student can enroll in these courses at a minimal cost, delivering quality at affordable prices. Although it involves learning on the go, a student may not be regular in viewing the lectures thus breaking the consistency required for JEE. Studying at home makes a learner lenient in some or the other way which affects the intensity of preparation. Overall, it’s a go-to institution for strengthening your JEE concepts.

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