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Exam Dumps: Most Effective Resources for a Rewarding Cisco 200-901 Exam

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With the new wave of Cisco certifications, it’s also important that you should be up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. These changes largely affect the current range of Cisco credentials, which is only up to February 23, 2020. The next day thereafter, the revamped program will now be available to the public.

So, what should you know to stay competitive in the IT market?

So, what’s the main reason why Cisco has to restructure its training and certification portfolio?

Seemingly, it’s because of the updates in the latest technologies that are deemed important in an IT professional’s career. With the tweaks and trends in the industry, Cisco has to retool its program to ensure relevancy among their accreditations. And one of its highly awaited associate-level certifications is DevNet, which helps you master all the significant skills needed by DevOp engineers, automation professionals, and other related software experts.

The DevNet Associate certification is dubbed to be the most suitable substantiation of your aptitude in planning, developing, and administering software apps. More than that, this credential will validate your expertise in infrastructure automation, edge computing, Python programming, and API documentation.

How to secure this new associate certification?

To earn the DevNet Associate badge, you need to prepare and pass Cisco exam 200-901. The exam will last up to 120 minutes or 2 hours and will be proctored by the ever-popular Pearson VUE. With this certification exam, you need to be proficient in six main topics, which include software design, automation, network essentials, app organization, APIs, and Cisco programs.

What are the best materials to use for Cisco exam 200-901?

  • Downloadable list of topics for exam 200-901

For a more comprehensive reference of the exam objective, make sure you download the official list of topics. This PDF file highlights not just the main topics but also the vital sub-areas that you need to comprehend. This is where you’ll find the percentage breakdown of each main topic so you can assess beforehand the areas that you should spend more time in studying.

  • Official instructor-led training course

Learn more about the exam topics through this specially-designed classroom course. This will be run by an industry expert, who will exceptionally guide you in understanding all corners of software planning and development. Plus, it’s not restricted to one country only; it can be accessed worldwide with Cisco’s authorized Learning Partners.

  • Official sample practice test

Aside from the recommended classroom training, Cisco also offers a series of excellent exam questions to help you magnify your knowledge and work on your skills. Through this mock test, you will have an exam-like view of the exam objectives, which will really be instrumental when you take the real Cisco exam 200-901.

  • Exam dumps and other online materials from Exam-Labs

Another key tool in prepping for this exam is the collection of dumps supplied by Exam-Labs. These dumps are some of the most impeccable practice materials you can find online. Such files are collected from real users, hence ensuring top-notch quality. Plus, these are always updated to incorporate the possible changes in the exam objectives. Exam-Labs also provides a premium bundle that has all vital exam resources, from dumps to training course lectures and study guides! Using exam dumps in your prep process greatly enhances your chances to ace the test from the first attempt, cause you know the exam structure, types of questions and possess skills as well as knowledge to tackle them.

  • Official Certification Guide

Whether you opt for the paperback or Kindle copy, this book is a must-have item when preparing for your Cisco certification exam. Authored by Muhammad Afaq Khan, this guide gives a thorough discussion of the exam topics through its extensive table of contents. Moreover, this online material comes with complimentary usage of a practice quiz. The book can be purchased from Amazon.

  • Online materials from Cisco Learning

You’ve got a lot of training videos that are easily available online. You can start with the ones furnished by Cisco Learning. This famous digital platform comes with all sorts of materials you can think of. There are training videos, live webinars, and other course materials that are practical for your learning process. With the extensive collection of references offered by this customizable platform, you’ll surely have an enjoyable learning process.

  • YouTube videos

Complete your preparation by watching some relevant videos on YouTube. You’ll be surprised because there are actually plenty of comprehensive videos online specially created by users, who are most likely succeed in their exam stint. So, if you want some free training materials, you can simply visit this top-rated website and watch various videos for exam 200-901.

What’s the best thing to do before the release of the new program?

But of course, since the new Cisco certifications are still set to be on the loose on February 24, 2020, you have the option to make the most out of your time. Choose one of the current associate validations like CCNA Wireless, CCNA Data Center, CCNA R&S, CCNA, Cloud, and such, and start preparing for its certification exams.

The corresponding exams for these credentials are still widely used among IT aspirants because of its significance. Because of this, Cisco makes available various resources for each certification exam. In addition to Cisco’s official materials, Exam-Labs also supplies valuable dumps, together with some lectures and guides for these exams.


Shape your DevNet career with Cisco exam 200-901, and for sure you are destined for a brighter and better future ahead! This certification exam will definitely harness your technical skills so you become a relevant asset to the organization. And with your DevNet Associate accreditation, you can even build your own business despite the constant technological changes around you. So, showcase that Cisco DevNet badge of yours through using the valid and updated exam dumps and have the most fulfilling IT profession!

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