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EXAMS – EXercising Your Anxious Mind To Study

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EXAMS EXercising Your Anxious Mind To Study

Ever heard of the term Examophobia. I am sure most of us have it. To start with, I am definitely the one to have it. Lol…! The reason lies within the acronym itself. It leads our mind to anxiety and panic. So let’s discuss few last minute mantras to avoid this term called “Examophobia”.

Mantra No 1:  Don’t fear exam. Fear the fear of exam. Lol…! Instead let it motivate you to overcome the fear. The more you run from it the more it will keep haunting you. So just take a deep breath and face it. Accept the obstacle and overcome it.

Mantra No 2: If 1st mantra fails to work then jump to the second one. Don’t think it to be an EXAM and stress about. Take it easy. Prepare your mind as if it’s just a normal and fun way to showcase your knowledge. Keep your focus on your goals and ambition and determine yourself to not mislead from that aim. It will inspire you to keep moving forward.

Mantra No 3: Take deep breathing and relax yourself. Drink water to keep yourself hydrated. Brain needs sufficient water to function properly (and might also help you practice going over the loo during exams for obvious reasons ;-))

Mantra No. 4: Either walk or listen to some good music to relax your mind. It will help to retain the memory and increase the focus while studying.

Mantra No. 5: Don’t stress too much about what you have not studied. Instead focus on what you have studied well. Avoid talking to friends who have studied too much than required. Its detrimental to your mental and moral health. 😀

Mantra No. 6: Do smart work rather than hard work at the last moment. Try to understand important key concepts rather than rote learning everything. Once the base gets strong nothing can defeat your ability.

Mantra No. 7: Sleep well. Don’t cut on your sleeping time excusing it for an extra time to study. Lack of sleep leads to malfunctioning of brain which is already malfunctioning because of anxiety and fear. Try to read some motivational quotes to kick your brains to normalcy.

Mantra No. 8: Don’t feel nervous seeing so many students studying in the examination hall and comparing yourself as inferior to them. They will be equally nervous and examophopic as you are. 😀

Mantra No. 9: If nothing works then surely the last mantra will work without fail. The last mantra is to chant a lot of mantras whatever you know because where nothing works only prayers can save you …!!! 😀

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