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Exciting Ways to Prepare for Exams!

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Being in your student life, you must be craving for some exciting ways to prepare for the exams. From stealing some extra hours from those of your sleep to making a dent on a section of your play- and recreation-time, you make that every effort that could fetch you the much needed and dear commodity extremely essential for you. But still, these measures seem and prove (unfortunately!) to be producing no difference at all!

Hence, we have compiled a list of some really exciting ways that can prove to be more productive for you.

Managing Your Time

While you have borrowed time from your every activity that does not help you in your preparation, the things don’t improve. The shoe may be pinching anywhere else! You need to prioritize not only your activities but also the time assigned for each of them. For instance, suppose that you need to devote most of your sincere hours to your study but want to have a chat with your friend(s), to refresh yourself. For this purpose, you can postpone this chat to the evening hours, rather than giving it time in the hours of your study. Also, you can think about reducing the duration of this chat as much as possible. This translates to pulling yourself out from the discussion as soon as you feel sufficiently rejuvenated.

Moreover, you can assign the topic demanding your greatest attention to the time-slot that makes you the readiest for the study. The following heading describes this issue in detail.

Be Ready to Catch THE Time

Certainly, there will be a time in every 24 hours or so, that proves the best for your studies. This is the time when you may brim up with energy or have the full peace of mind. Probably, there would be the least number of disturbances for you at that time. You can include the hardest of your study topics at these peak hours. Hence, choose those hours of your study. Also, try to cover as much of your daily dose of the learning content, as possible, without disturbing your peace. Ideally, this should be either in the early morning (6 AM to 10 AM, for example) or late in the night (10 PM to 2 AM or further).

Give a Break to Breaks!

Every human being requires an interval between his/her continuum of duties. Though these intervals depend upon the mental and physical maturity of people. Yet, we suggest you take these breaks in every 2 hours of your fully-concentrated study. Also, provide sufficient longevity to these recessions (lasting 10-15 minutes, nearly) to get ready for the next session of your preparation.

These Tests Won’t Mock at You

Moving ahead on the path of preparation along with practicing with mock tests is always useful. You compromise because of your negligence, is another matter. Whatever be the level of your preparation, you can always lift it further high exercising with the mock tests.

Color Your Leisure Activities, In the Hues of Your Preparation

While you have given almost all of your study-time to a robust preparation via solving and memorizing numerical, and (theoretical) answers, respectively, you can also try to share your chats, loaded with educational debates, with your roommates and friends. Discuss every problem you faced in the book, with them. This means you can utilize your every minute to strengthen your preparation, in every way possible. The method is particularly applicable when your tests and exams are imminent.

Turn Your Favorite Movie into A Soap Opera

Similarly, you can buy more time from your leisure, by dividing your time devoted to your favorite movie, into several episodes of shorter durations (of 15- or 20-minute lengths, or more or less, as you wish).

And Now Color The Text

The lines ahead really make you feel the power of a (color) pen! While studying from your textbooks, you can highlight the portions (or whole) of the text with the pen of your chosen color. Studies have shown that our mind is particularly responsive and attentive to colors than to the black and white texts.

Riding on the vehicles of these tips, we hope, you will race quite fast on the highway of your preparation. It’s all over for now. Thanks for a patient read!


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