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Expectation v/s Reality

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Expectation v/s Reality

Fresh out of schools, I was starry eyed that college is going to start! On expectation about college from what I have seen in movies on TV and heard from all my elder siblings and friends that how I will have an amazing time in college and how my college years are going to be “the best years” of my life. I had so many expectations when moving to college this last august but since completing my first semester ,I found that there is a quite difference between what I have thought and what is actually reality.

(a)Fresher’s party-

ExpectationsThere will be awesome parties. The fresher’s party is going to be amazeballs! Can’t wait to attend all the parties .A lot of wishes to be selected for Mr./Ms. Fresher’s

Reality-At the time of announcement, Umm! Party at this small hall? I would rather not go .Actually all this is due to no talent. Not capable for participating in party.

Became sad after knowing that Mr.&Ms. Fresher’s are selected among participants. Some colleges don’t even organize parties for fresher’s.


Expectations Thinking that I’m out of school ,No homework ever!

Reality-we are piled up with assignments ,some which may have their submission date in the same week .Even some of my batch mates wait until the last possible date to start the assignment .

(c) Class bunks-

Expectation-Just going to bunk lectures, spend hours in canteen, thinkingthat professors don’t notice when we skip from class.

Reality-Skipping class will only put us behind ,our professor will notice and our grades which will effect our careers. Weare in college for reason, and if we’re constantly skipping class ,those days aren’t not far when we’ll declared unsuccessful.

(d)Freedom from parents-

Expectation:Because of too much restrictions, being away from home is much needed freedom from parents .

Reality: My hostel life started, got freedom from all such restrictions by parents as before, Spent few nights in my new separate room, but I felt that parent’s restrictions keep us in schedule. I don’t feel comfortable without them. Missing them a lot.


Expectation:what studying? I’m in college now! I can manage to start studying a week before the exam and pass.

Reality:when one week remains for exam, think to start studying and then idea comes to mind that can study tomorrow.

One day before exam, whole lessons became mixture in mind. “I’m going to flaunk!I don’t know what to study?”


Expectation: To have a normal sleeping schedule like in high school.

Reality: Literally no sleeping ,there are lot of assignment, works and time-taken drawings which don’t let us sleep .

Even though I have only had a few short months of the “college life”, I can still affect to the fact that college isn’t everything its cracked up to be .I realize that college isn’t like movies and Instagram posts only which show only a brief glimpse of the reality. Though college might not be exactly like our expectations, it’s still a time to enjoy till our final year and life without all of our impending adult responsibilities. I get different experience from different persons ,I will continue with the expectation v/s realities of college that I have witnessed thus far.


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Kriti saxena

Apr 02, 2017

An article to which we can directly connect.....

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MD Shahbaz Mirza

Apr 30, 2017

Experience of every fresher, so true

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