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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Play School

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When children are born, they bring huge responsibilities for their parents. All the parents want to give the best future to their children. In the process of building a bright future, a play school which the kids attend serves a very important role. A play school is a place where children of 2 to 4 years of age spend their time under the direction of teachers. It has huge responsibilities towards the society as it initiates the learning process of kids. And this is why the parents should consider a number of factors before shortlisting one.

The main aim of play schools should focus on the development of sensory-motor development as well as the social development of the child rather than targeting the development of academic skills. The main advantage of a play school is that it helps in reducing the separation anxiety of children. You may like to read, Learning Philosophy: Play-based vs Montessori.


The placement of the play school is one of the important aspects. Parents should look for it in their surroundings. They can also try to find a play school which is in close proximity to their home or workplace so that it is suitable for them to reach your child whenever needed. Ensure that the location on which the play school is located has a better surrounding and environment and is hygienic, i.e. it does not have factors like a stagnant water body nearby, which can lead to diseases.

Important Factors when choosing a Play School

Do your research

Ask your friends, family members, experts or search on the internet, make sure you have different options, you should choose an organization which has a good reputation. Also, assure yourself that the place is hygienic, clean and secure, get detailed information about fee-structure, schooling hours, leisure program, etc. Ensure that school staffs are friendly enough to the child.

Pay a visit

Ensure that before enrolling your child, you are fully satisfied with the organization. The staff must be well capable, gracious, caring and encouraging. Also, it must be trained in the field of child psychology as an unskilled person will not be aware of the developmental stages of a child. Ask about the staff, if teachers frequently move to another organization in a short span of time, then proceed to other options. This is because the children need the stability for building a strong relationship. Also, check out other important factors like classrooms, sports areas, and student-teacher ratios.


Safety is of paramount importance especially nowadays, when we hear a number of incidents happening in schools. You need to double check on the below factors.


If you opt for a transport provided by the play school make sure that the vehicle is in good condition. The driver should be professional and shouldn’t change frequently. Also, the vehicle should preferably install a speed limiter and there is a maid or a teacher always present during the journey.

Evaluate these safety factorsFacilities

Ensure that the school that you choose is child-friendly and is preferably on the ground floor. It must have a professional setting and should not look like a home-based school. At the same time, the play school should be safe and entry of strangers should be strictly prohibited. The swings present in the institution should be safe and in a good location. Apart from this, the food provided should be hygienic and the school staff must be patient and experienced.

The physical environment of the school

Before taking the decision of the play school admission for your child, notice the physical aspects of the school. Check whether appropriate fencing is done to secure the play area for the children. The presence of cobwebs in the corner or smelly restrooms must be considered as red flags. The cleanliness must be given high priority in order to prevent infection to the child. Just look around the school and ask yourself if you feel comfortable enough in leaving your child in the play school.

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