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Fashion – Change your personality

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The word fashion is not so old but we have not been able to get used to with the word fashion. Fashion could be anything which would  make you feel good,happy and comfortable. Even during the days of ancient times that is during the age of King and all fashion concept did existed and even the Queen used to wear clothes and ornaments which would make them look attractive,charming and beautiful,and more important in the outfit which would make you feel comfort. Fashion could vary from person to person and from festivals to festivals,people prefer to wear new and different clothes from time to time and it depends on the choice of the person and also the occassion which would suit him/her the best. Clothes or outfit which could give you comfort is fashion.

In the fashion industry it is not necessary if you do not have talent or less talent but if you have wrong attitude than it is more than enough for you and nothing could matter much. If we talk about India, fashion differs from state to state and culture to culture as there are various different religions followed in our country. Thus the fashion pattern depends from person to person and from culture to culture. Uniqueness and variety in fashion is clearly visible  in India and new various forms are adopted by people for fashion in India. We have from those traditional Salwar-Kameez to modern outfits of shorts and even for males from Dhoti- Kurta to Tshirt/ Shirt  and jeans. People keep changing the fashion depending on their looks and rise to the occassion. Make-up is also part of fashion.

As time have passed by people have become more aware about the fashion and the latest trends. even there are  courses available to pursue fashion courses. Fashion consists of Texture,style,design,trend,colour choice,different type of clothes,fashion designing,brand etc. when it comes to fashion there is a particular set of target audience the youngsters, the group of youngsters is the target for fashion industry and the youngsters of our country are so much fond of and attracted by the latest trends available. By getting used to latest trends of fashion one could inspire others and create an image which could have impact a positive and attractive image on others. My own dream is to become a fashion designer and also to make sure that i could provide people with latest fashionable stuff with less rates and best quality and to make sure they can also take advantage of the latest fashion and benefit out from it. As per my experience of fashion it must be made available to everyone and if i get a chance to carry that out i would do it and see to it that people could resort to latest fashion and make it available  to everyone with latest stuff in lesser cost.

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Richard Christian

Mar 31, 2017

Great one :) all the best

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Solanki Bhargav

Mar 31, 2017

Great work

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Darshan Panchal

Apr 04, 2017

Nice article

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Page Title : Fashion – Change your personality

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