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Five things a student in sixth grade should know about technology

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Technology is the new buzz word. Unarguably, the fundamental needs of the human are getting completely redressed in this increasingly digital and connected world. Similarly, the educational setting is equally experiencing a rapid change due to the integration and use of developing technologies. Though these changes are innovative, they are far away than being transformative due to the fact that the gap between the uses of technology by students inside is the school and outside the school is widening. With the massive up-gradation and emergence of new innovative technologies, there appears to a new learning era which acts as a catalyst of the school and encourages students to learn new things and grow.

Touch typing: Typing is an important part of computing. Elementary students need to have a typing speed of 20 words per minute. By the end of their sixth grade, they should have a minimum writing speed of a computer. Curriculum time is limited, but you can always devote your time to learn new things. If you want to know the typing speed of your kid, there are some online tools available, using which you can determine. If they are writing below 20 words per minute, take some professional help to help them reach that speed.

Web Resources: Every student should be made aware of web resources before they attain seventh grade. The web is an amazing resource for learning purpose. It offers a plethora of opportunities to learn a new skill, technology, subject, games and much more. Devoting time to research, students can learn a lot of things about their subject matter, and it will also help them enrich their learning experience. Using web help also can teach students about the benefits and disadvantages of using a Google Search, and what is the best method of using Google for study purpose. There are many studies related websites such as Wikipedia, encyclopedias. For advanced students that enjoy exploring and learning something new there is a whole world of other possibilities they can learn about. The web is wide and holds many information that young people seem interested in like SEO, app making, computer programming, website making and so much more.

Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot is another educational thing, which a student should know about the technology. While using technology, it is a common concern to face- troubleshoots issues. For example, if your laptop or desktop is behaving in an odd manner, you need to switch it off for some time, and then turn it on. This is the simplest manner to troubleshoot the issue. Or else, you can see if the plugs are done properly or not, as sometimes plugs remain loose, which makes the desktop to turn off many times. Similarly, students can learn a lot of basic computers troubleshoot tasks easily.

Device basics: There are many basic things about the device which students can learn easily depending on their choice. Some of them are adjusting the volume up and down, selecting a desired Wi-Fi network, turning power on/off, logging into/ off using an email account, plug in headphones into the device, take a picture using a webcam, open web browser to work on the internet, making a video, taking a screenshot, switching between rear and front facing cameras, and accessing videos and pictures.

Digital citizenship: There are some minimum age criteria for joining a few social media websites. The minimum age is 13 years. Most of the sixth graders are not of that age, but they can be taught about remaining vigil during the online activities, and stop them from posting sensitive information such as their parent’s bank details, phone numbers, account numbers, etc. They also need to be made aware of communication skills, online etiquette, and safety issues such as bullying, teasing, and much more.

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