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Five Things to Consider Before Choosing to Study Online

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Studying online can be both exciting and terrifying, you can learn so much without having to follow traditional schooling schedules and methods. This is a very good way to complete education and earn money at the same time. If you are a full-time mom or a working dad, you can still complete both your bachelor’s or master’s degree online. Online high school classes allow you to study while you are already working with a full-time job or a part-time job with complete ease and flexibility.

Unlike with the night schools, you decide whatever time frame suits you best. There are many advantages including the cost of commuting, flexible schedules, free access course material, etc. You also might be able to complete the whole thing sooner versus traditional schooling. The best part is the diversity, you can choose from a variety of courses and subjects, you can expand your mind exponentially.

Here are some things to consider before you start studying online:

1. Are You a Good Student?

Most people join online classes or courses and then end up taking it for granted. You shouldn’t sign up for online classes if you have a hard time studying, as students who are eager to learn usually take the most advantage from online schools. If you’re easily distracted or if you are simply choosing online education because you feel it will be much easier, it may not be so. If you find yourself in doubt you will have to reach out to your professors at the allocated time and being very punctual if there are live sessions. You should set yourself tasks and deadlines and go after them. And do not forget to reward yourself when you complete them.

2. Accreditation

A lot of online schools are not accredited by your local or state accreditation authorities. So, it might not be approved or even count towards the required education background needed for your desired job. And, the same applies for enrolling into a physical university. They may not accept or approve the credit hours you completed with the online school or college you attended. This is your responsibility to make sure your online courses are accredited, so you do not face any issues. Also, consider the reputation of the online college or school you are enrolling in, most online universities don’t have a good reputation. You will have to do your thorough research for transferring your existing credits to the new school or college. In most cases, you can reach out to any known professor or education counselor/advisor to guide you in this matter.

3. The Hustle is Real

Many people think that online classes require less effort than traditional schooling. However, online classes require excellent time management skills, and you need to have a really good focus. The courses will be taught just like in regular schools, furthermore, you will be studying from a computer so you need to make sure that you are fully equipped. You will also have to invest in contemporary technologies to help you study your courses. You may sometimes feel like you are missing out on the whole experience of going to an actual university. So, you will have to consider these things before enrolling to ensure you give your 100% to your education. It is almost like a marriage, you are married to your school. Make it a habit to study regularly, set goals for you to achieve and keep repeating it until you complete whatever you started. The internet is filled with tips you can use to keep distractions away and use available tools to help you keep your focus and track your progress. Most if not all online schools and colleges share your progress report with you as well.

4. Student and Teacher Interactions

This is a really important factor to consider before you decide to enroll in any online university. Consider the many features of the platform you will be studying, like the ability to interact with your classmates. What is the timing for your teachers and will you be able to ask questions during or after class. Most online schools and universities allow students to interact with other students, share notes, and have group study programs. That being said, it is not the same as having a face to face interaction with your classmates. Make sure you build your online social circle with your classmates, in case you need an answer to something and the teacher isn’t available. Teachers are usually available through email.

5. Costs

So with online schools and colleges, the costs may vary based on the program or the course you choose. Many people think that just because it’s online education the costs would be less than traditional colleges, and a matter of fact it is true because you are cutting costs for the schools by not being physically present in classes. Yet, teachers are equally qualified. You will have to make sure you have a good internet connection, if in case you have frequent issues with the internet you may find it difficult to concentrate and be late in the submission of assignments. The good thing is that most online schools and colleges now offer the latest technology for their online courses.


There are many fake universities out there so you need to make sure you follow the above-mentioned points before choosing your online school or university. Some universities claim to be legit but they are being operated as an unaccredited organization, people are using this method to make money off students looking to complete their education. You need to be very diligent before selecting your school or college online.  It may get really hard for you in the beginning but it’s well worth it, you will have to be patient and persistent with your education if you want to earn your diploma or degree. To make the whole process fun and enjoyable you will have to stay healthy and mentally fit otherwise it will seem like a huge ordeal to you. Some so many people are not able to complete their education due to one reason or another. Thanks to modern-day technology you can complete your Ph.D. without having to leave your country city or even your room.

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