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Five Website Exposure Tips for 2019

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Times have changed. Whereas a company in previous epochs needed a store and an office, today companies don’t. It is possible to operate entirely online and become a massive, global success – but only if you have the necessary exposure and traffic to make it happen. This shift in societal behavior has completely revolutionized the world. Today you must have a website. And, to gain greater website exposure to the said website you will want to implement these top five tips in 2019.

Guest Posting 

Guest posting is an excellent method to gain exposure and build an online reputation. But mostly, the author bio is embedded at the end of a post. However, it is not quite effective in increasing organic traffic to your site. A good way to get around this is to link one of your own pages into the guest post. A helpful blog usually extrapolates on a certain topic in your guest post. Thus, it brings in more organic exposure than just your author bio alone.

Update Old Content 

Content is king, but your old content will put you in the dog house. Old and outdated content will set your website back. Reposting or duplicating content will result in penalizations. Instead, update old content to reflect current information and marketing/SEO standards.

Tip: Long-form content that is a few thousand words long gets greater exposure. It is more likely to get shared than shorter articles.

Make it Easier Than Ever to Share Your Content 

Sharing is an excellent way to spread the word about your company. Install a simple social media plugin onto your site so that users can easily share an article or video with the click of a button. Go one step further and create “tweet it” links, which allow users to share a pre-crafted tweet in just seconds.

To increase the likelihood of a share, you will then want to start creating more “share-worthy” content. Infographics, statistics, good quotations, and even videos are great examples of content that users generally share regularly.

Become an Internet Celebrity 

Get your name out there in your demographic’s community by:

  • Guest posting
  • Collaborating with influences
  • Become a guest speaker on other podcasts

You can build brand awareness by being active in your community, and in doing so also increase exposure and sales.

Improve SEO for the Future of the Internet 

SEO is a never-ending battle of the wits, but there are means to predict what Google’s algorithms will be looking for in the future. Mobile searches dominate the internet, and voice search is on the rise. Hence, optimizing your content aimed at these two methods is the key. This will likely help to get you ahead of the competition.

Like all marketing strategies, however, it will require an ongoing commitment. If you do not have the means in-house, then seek the services of experts such as

At the end of the day, to gain exposure a company must commit to an ongoing campaign. If you do not have the resources to adhere to such a campaign, then outsource it.

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